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Eggplant Equilibrium


Ahh <3, 1.7.10, The golden age of modding, or at least that’s how I've felt about it. Ever since the release of 1.7.10 forge in 2014 and the explosion of incredible mods that came with it I have been utterly obsessed. Ever since that date I have made countless private 1.7.10 modpacks to enjoy with my friends. Not once did I ever release one to the public. Until now. I invite you all, the mages, the explorers, the builders, the creepy guy next door who stares at me through the window sometimes (He's doing it right now, please help), to download the pack and experience Eggplant Equilibrium. A modpack assembled using 3 years of 1.7.10 pack making knowledge. A tasty smorgasbord of all your favorite 1.7.10 mods as well as some lustrous gems you may have yet to experience!

Some of my favorites include:

Thaumcraft and its numerous addons
Matter Overdrive
HEXcraft(A sort of xycraft port)
Hardcore Ender Expansion
Fossils and Archaeology

Boot up the Technic Launcher and just do a quick search for Eggplant Equilibrium.

Remember! Without all the amazing mod devs we have none of this would have been possible! I couldn't possibly thank them enough for all they've given to this community. But I'll still try my best~ Thank you all very much from every fiber of my being

Listing your server under every available modpack just to pimp your own modpack is kindof a dick move. There are other ways to promote your modpack that aren't frustrating and misleading for someone looking for a specific type of server.
Posted 26th Feb 2018