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★ GENESIS ★ Custom Modpack Server


★ Custom Modpack ★ 150+ Mods ★ Exploration ★ Adventure ★ Technology ★ Space Exploration ★ Magic ★ Decorations and so much more!


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Genesis Adventure aims to create an immersive and exciting adventure experience. This modpack is for all players who enjoy exploring new worlds and dimensions. Travelling through dark and mysterious dungeons with deadly enemies and bosses which will definitely make for a challenge, but come out victorious and you'll be greatly rewarded! Or you know... just run in, grab the loot and leg it..we wont judge.

Not only is there a huge amount of content to explore, there is a huge amount of weapon and armour mods, so you'll have to experiment and advance in certain mods to obtain the best of the best and bosses will be as slaughtering a family of chickens!

Whats the point of having all these fancy boss mods, weapon mods and armour mods and have just a standard Minecraft base? Nope, we've included a large number of mods that allow for creative and elaborate base creations from Architecture craft, Furniture mods, Chisel mod, Tiny blocks mod, statue mods, lighting mods, farming mods, garden mods and so much more!

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