This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Classic Craft-Private Space Astronomy Server

pin_drop (private server)

!!!!!HOW TO JOIN!!!!!

Step By Step:
1.) Added vengencexgamer on skype (You will be put through a short interview, DONT WORRY IT'S EASY)
2.) Read the rules in this forum


1.) Don't Grief
2.) Be nice and respect
3.) Have fun!
4.) Hacking is not allowed!

So I made this server so players could come join my server join a friendly comment on a server and make awesome creations! That's the only reason why I created the Classic rCaft and I just wanted a close-knit community for players to join and have fun in modded Minecraft; and as I said, there is over 150+ mods so you do have to have a PC which could handle it, but it's not completely required. It will only make your experience more enjoyable. Finally I only wish for players to be nice and respectful to others so the playing environment is nice.

You don't have to be a YouTuber to join, but it's encouraged and recommended so we can get our name out there and get this server into the main public. But again, ITS NOT REQUIRED!

Also, it is very simple to apply, all you have to do is add me on Skype, and you must have a mic, you must be nice. Those are the only guidelines! Nothing else besides the server rules will restrict you!

Currently, it is only me on the server and that is mostly due to the fact that I created and just started recruiting. But you simply just have to add me and follow the guidelines and you will be added to the server!

No players are or will ever be opped and the only plugins we have are grief prevention so players can't grief others. But if players want we will add Essentials for TPA and /home commands. But those are the only possible commands that I see being allowed or added to the server.

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