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Kinetic Network

i love this server its really cool. my ign is PrettyPinkVamp.
Posted 30th Jul 2022
User: QuadradiousIII
No lag and great quality modpacks!
Posted 26th Jul 2022
I just started, but everyone is helpful and respectful. look forward to a great gaming experience.
Posted 25th Jul 2022
Great server, just recently joined and I am loving the community so far. Can't wait to explore everything the server has to offer.

Posted 22nd Jul 2022
i love the skyfactory4 server. Awesomethedude
Posted 18th Jul 2022
The server is very fun, and its nice to see a server with mods like galactic craft, which I don't see often.
Ign: bananaorangeman
Posted 18th Jul 2022
This server is really good and it could be better if they added a way of getting money but overall very good.
Posted 17th Jul 2022
Server is pretty fun, I like it quite a bit, yours truly JessiFlintlock
Posted 16th Jul 2022
I believe that this entire network is great, and the people on it are just as amazing. Multiple custom-made modpacks for all sorts of tastes across multiple versions! What's not to love? This tech server is especially fun, since it blends tech and magic in such a way that makes it impossible not to want to experiment with everything! 10/10 server, I give this my seal of approval!
-Written by Frostecs_Lianuac
Posted 15th Jul 2022
Good Modpack could use a few additional mods such as enderio... IGN-DatSwag
Posted 13th Jul 2022
The people on the server are helpful and my only complaint is that the mob spawn rates for the shadow monsters is super low - Restuccias
Posted 11th Jul 2022
This Server is a fun and packed server with so much to do and always people to talk to. I personally love this server cause me and my 2 friends are able to do so much and not be bored all the time. i would definitely recommend this server for others looking to play modded Minecraft. Minecraft
Username: AstaBlackheart
Posted 11th Jul 2022
I just started this server and I already love it! I hope alot more ppl loves it too. :D JackiePlaysGame
Posted 25th Jun 2022
Username: FrenchCaprisun

The server is great, the players are nice and they've helped me out a ton
Posted 20th Jun 2022
IGN: IAmMadMax

I have played exclusively on Mythic so far but I am interested in trying a few of the other modpacks. There is around a half dozen or so I guess. The servers are always up and if there's an issue, it gets fixed immediately. Come and check it out
Posted 14th Jun 2022
i like the server its really fun. also im a kid so i dont know how to make a good review sry :(
Posted 12th Jun 2022
IGN: Khaotickz
The modpack is quite frankly amazing and there are always updates on the mods and how they interact to be most compatible.
The server is sometimes choppy do to excessive machines from other players constantly working.
Overall a great modpack and server that I would recommend to anyone.
Posted 11th Jun 2022
Immediately when i joined i got greeted and overall a very smooth and kind experience

IGN: ultimateassasin5
Posted 5th Jun 2022
I just joined and I already like the server.
IGN: Trey230055
Posted 24th May 2022
I haven't found since now a server where I have a stable connection . I enjoy playing on it and streaming on my twitch channel . Come on the server and say hi :D Ing name is : AndonisHD
Posted 22nd May 2022
The server is great and the community is even better, I just wish that the entity render distance was higher. It does get annoying being enemies sometimes. But I do understand the reason why though.

MC User: kalen21
Posted 6th May 2022
they have a great admin team. the owners and the admins are very friendly . and they are real good at maintaining a good and friendly server

user Pridedthunder89
Posted 27th Apr 2022
This mod pack has a lot of cool mods! This server also has some great features, like playershops, tpa, tpr, and alot more! Make sure to keep up the good work on this server!
Posted 26th Apr 2022
So much good, I like so much
IGN: Prism_Trix
Posted 23rd Apr 2022
My experience comes from both Mythic Classic and Mythic Novus. They are so far the best magical/tech modpack servers I've ever played on. A friendly community and helpful players.

IGN - Bokelmor
Posted 10th Apr 2022