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Kinetic Network



Thanks for checking out our page. The Kinetic Network has been around for over 4 years hosting our own custom-built modpacks. In 2021 we also started to offer FTB and Curse modpacks alongside our own.

Our goal is to offer lag-free, stable servers. So we use super-fast hardware and optimise our servers to keep them running smoothly. Any lag does pop up, our staff team are on hand to fix the issue.

We also offer support for all our modpacks and servers, via Discord. Any issues, or questions, we're on hand to help.
Find out more about Kinetic on our website:


Mythic: Classic (PvP) - 1.7.10 Magic With PvP & Base Raiding - IP comes with modpack
Mythic: Classic - 1.7.10 Magic - IP comes with modpack
Mythic: Novus - 1.12.2 Magic - IP comes with modpack
Colony: New Worlds - 1.12.2 Tech, Space, and SCPs - IP comes with modpack
Infinity: Reimagined - 1.16.5 Mixed Modpack - IP comes with modpack
Ancient Kingdoms 2 - 1.16.5 - IP comes with pack
Skyfactory 4 -


If you're not sure how to join our servers, or just want to pop in and say hello. Join our Discord server:


You can find all our custom packs here:

Mythic or Mythic: Classic is a 1.7.10 magic modpack. Its crammed with all the best magic modpacks for the update, with Thaumcraft, AM2, Magical Crops, Blood Magic, Witchery, Evil Craft, Botania, and so much more. It also comes with a splash of tech mods to help you automate things. (IP comes with the pack!) (IP comes with the pack!)

Mythic is a showcase of all the best magic mods for the 1.12.2 update. With Bewitchment, Botania, Thermal, AE2, Ice & Fire, Embers, Roots, Mystical Agriculture, Astral Sorcery, Thaumcraft 6, and Immersive Engineering (IP comes with the pack!)

Ancient Kingdoms 2 is built around Minecolonies. Minecolonies allows for you to build your very own Town, with your own citizens to command. Starting off with a small settlement and growing it into your very own kingdom.

The dungeons in AK2 have real loot you want. With unique items and collectables to be found. Unique bosses to take on and overcome. Every dungeon will offer a new challenge and experience. (IP comes with the pack!)

Infinity is a huge mix of all kinds of mods, for the 1.16.5 update. We've carefully selected a huge range of mods, so no matter what type of mod you enjoy, there will be something in here for you to play with. (IP comes with the pack!)

Skyfacotry 4 as it should be. The prestige system is fully enabled, and we've added in even more ways for you to get points with our point shop.

love this place, mostly because despite the grandeur from the outside looking in-- It really is just some dudes messing around with mc. And they're genuinely helpful, which is unfortunately something i expect less and less. I had an issue, it got fixed. Simple as. Plus, I have a soft spot for server networks that make their own modpacks. Me likey :P ( HyperPlasm )
Posted 17th Jun 2024
Hi, very cool and atmospheric server, I liked DeceasedCraft about zombies sometimes even too difficult to survive, but I would like to limit the progress that would be some way of survival and purpose
Posted 8th Jun 2024
Very fun server for starters ! great progression and a lovely community

mc: Prinxe5Star
Posted 18th Oct 2023
combining pixelmon and create makes the server very fun, and ftb quests lets me have more of a sense of progression
Posted 26th Sep 2023
The Kinetic Network is a great playing experience with friendly players and Staff. -Crossingpants5
Posted 3rd Aug 2023
IGN: Mkrussell411
This Is Filler Text
Posted 3rd Aug 2023
Outstanding support as soon as I asked for it! Especially
Kekoa and jakeyb99 Thank you for the work you do!
Posted 2nd Aug 2023
Its a fun magic tec server with a great community

gamertag= XxCuteUmbreonxX
Posted 16th Jul 2023
Server is awesome. lots of fun. just wish there was ore excavation instead of vein miner

Thanks for a great server! In game name is
Posted 6th Jul 2023
So fun. Only one thing i wish was different. Ore Excavation instead of Vein Miner
Posted 6th Jul 2023
Belonta here, I've been with the server for three resets, however long that's been and it's pretty good.
Posted 6th Jul 2023
Good servers and great community, but advertisement would be better to get more engagement on the servers that lack a consistent player base. Events/tournaments with rewards whether that be in server rewards or monetary ones.

Posted 17th Jun 2023
Its a really fun server with lots to do- Pointbreak1564
Posted 30th Apr 2023
I started today and i really enjoyed playing on the sever
Posted 29th Apr 2023
user: mrJcool
great server lots of player interaction
Posted 21st Apr 2023

This server is very unique. i have always wanted to play matter overdrive and now i can!
Posted 19th Apr 2023
ive only been playing for the past few days but so far the servers been great! thoroughly enjoying the modpack and extremely pleased that it comes with a public server ready to connect to.

the only things i could gripe about are the very occasional minor lag spikes and the subpar voting chest rewards. otherwise, solid server

- stephamoo
Posted 7th Apr 2023
ngl i tried many mc server and i must tell ya, this is the best one so far. not only u can have fun with your friends but also explore random dimensions, try new mods that u maybe haven't discovered but also you can create your amazing buildings and share it with other players
Posted 5th Apr 2023
User: Blodboy81
The server is great the Players are really nice and admin are really reliable.
Posted 29th Mar 2023
Every Kinetic server I have played on has been a great experience, both the community and staff are great! The modpacks are always a great mix of magic and tech, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new modpack to try!

- ThePossm
Posted 11th Mar 2023
Great server with great people to be friends with.
Posted 10th Mar 2023
Good server so far,no bugs and a nice quest system
Posted 9th Mar 2023
I have been playing on the Kinetic servers for years now and have put a lot of hours into them, I really enjoy Kinetic Mythic and love all the mods in it.

In game name: ThatGuyBif
Posted 5th Mar 2023
This server has a bit of everything for every type of modpack player. It includes magic, tech (to an extent), food, new mobs, dimensions and much more. What it lacks as of right now is player and admin shops to make use of the currency that is implemented within the game from voting. The modpack runs very smoothly on low performance pc's and laptops which makes it very accessible to those who wish to play but can't handle heavy mods.
Posted 27th Feb 2023
Pretty good server with a nice community
Posted 27th Feb 2023