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Kinetic Network


Welcome To The Kinetic Network

The Kinetic Network has been running servers for over 3 years now, hosting our own custom-built modpacks & Curse/FTB packs.


You can find a full list of the servers we host, on our website

Skyfactory 4

You can join now with:

Our Skyfactory server has prestige mode fully enabled, and we've added new ways for you to get points. With our point shop, voting, along with most the normals ways. (Don't worry, the fun of prestige is still there). You can also share your progress with your mates, sell items at your island, and join an active and friendly community.

Why Kinetic?

Looking around this site, you can see lots of other amazing modded networks. So why should you pick Kinetic over any of these?

Kinetic is built around listening to its players and acting on feedback. We have dedicated places for players to send in feedback on the servers, and our staff team is always chatting in the community, and playing on the servers. After all, it's you guys who have built this amazing community, so we should build our servers around you.

Like with most networks these days. We have DDoS protections, 24/7 dedicated staff team, economy and markets, and we crush down hard on lag. Offering a simple smooth experience.

Its Mostly Custom

All our serves come with custom edits, mods, and plugins we've built. Building on top of mods and plugins that amazing members of the modded community have made, we tailor them to our servers. Our servers come with custom edits to improve claims systems, commands and options for quality of life, custom mods, and our Anti-Cheat.

We hope to see you on Kinetic soon!

If you want a reliable server with: little lag, dedicated staff and a really welcoming community to join - Kinetic is for you. I have bounced around between other servers for FTB for a while now but once I saw Kinetic were hosting one, I was already sold. I find other servers are often laggy with very low TPS - The lag on Kinetic is barely noticeable which means I can enjoy Sky factory 4 with the brilliant community Kinetic has fostered over the past years.
Posted 19th Dec 2020
I discovered the network a little more than 2 years ago and over time the network and community have only gotten better and it has become a place I can recommend anyone who is looking for a modded Minecraft experience to go to.
Posted 10th Dec 2020
An active and constantly developing network. They have been around for more than 3 years and continue to grow and innovate while always offering prompt support for all their players. I can't think of a better modded network to spend my time on.
Posted 10th Dec 2020
Been part of Kinetic since the beginning, the staff are amazing and players are (mostly) respectful. Even if the pack is shit, atleast they know how to deal with the issues.

Best tps, Best staff, Best players 10/10 ign.
Posted 9th Dec 2020
This is without a doubt the best network I have ever played on!! The playerbase is awesome and the servers are setup to perfection due to the great staff that help run the network. I would definetly recommend Kinetic Network to anyone.
Posted 9th Dec 2020
Great server, friendly staff, awesome community. There isnt anything bad I could say about this server. :)
Posted 9th Dec 2020
This has to be the best server I've played on yet. The staff respond to occurrences at a timely manner. They allow a lot of rules that other servers do not allow. They also have less items banned than most servers. The items they have banned are for obvious reasons. The players of the server respect one another.
Posted 9th Dec 2020