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Kinetic Network



Thanks for checking out our page. The Kinetic Network has been around for over 3 years hosting our own custom-built modpacks. In 2021 we also started to offer FTB and Curse modpacks alongside our own.

All our servers come with 10+ free chunk loaders, advanced claiming systems, backups and custom patches.

Our goal is to offer lag-free, stable servers. So we use super-fast hardware and optimise our servers to keep them running smoothly. Any lag does pop up, our staff team are on hand to fix the issue.

We also offer support for all our modpacks and servers, via Discord. Any issue, or questions, we're on hand to help.
Find out more about Kinetic on our website:


Skyfactory 4 [NEW] -
Ancient Kingdoms - IP comes with modpack
Mythic - IP comes with modpack
Mythic: Novus - IP comes with modpack
Infinity: Into The Unknown - IP comes with modpack
Colony: New Worlds - IP comes with modpack


If you're not sure how to join our servers, or just want to pop in and say hello. Join our Discord server:


You can find all our custom packs here:

Skyfacotry 4 as it should be. The prestige system is fully enabled, and we've added in even more ways for you to get points with our point shop.

Ancient Kingdoms
Build your own Kingdom and fight and trade with others. With the amazing Ancient Warfare mod and Minecolonie. You can build your own Kingdoms packed with NPCs for you to look after and command. The world of AK is rich with mythical beasts like Dragons, hippogriffs and more. (You can even ride the Dragons :D) (IP comes with the pack!)

A custom modpack built by us here at Kinetic. It's built around all the best magic mods for 1.7.10. (IP comes with the pack!)

A follow on from our Mythic server, but for 1.12.2. This hosts all the best magic mods for the 1.12.2 update. (IP comes with the pack!)

A real mix of everything. Tech, magic and a load of unknown dimensions for you to check out. (IP comes with the pack!)

Blast off into space and check out over 20 planets. With a huge range of tech and space mods, you'll have loads to sink into. (IP comes with the pack!)

good server ign furryboiringo
Posted 25th Jul 2021
been playing on and off for a couple of years now, staff are friendly most of the time, depending if you broke anything xD most of the players are sound and mostly talk all the time.
ign : TheCaulkinator
Posted 20th Jul 2021
xArii Im new to the server but I enjoy it already.
Posted 19th Jul 2021
PizzaKnife (gamertag) said its good
Posted 18th Jul 2021
Amazing Community, Friendly Staff

Username: AngelicSystem
Posted 13th Jul 2021
The people are friendly and the community seems quite active

MC name: 905Sunny
Posted 9th Jul 2021
I've played on the kinetic network since the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 and their servers are great! I've recommended them to several people since i started playing.

MC Username: FlavorsofPieYT
Posted 26th Jun 2021
Its an amazing server, fun to play and the challenge is real.

Minecraft username is Jounouchi
Posted 21st Jun 2021
A very fun server to play on with friends

(Nubzjr is ingame name)
Posted 20th Jun 2021
This server contain the most entertainig magic mods from all the servers.

IGN: caminschi
Posted 9th Jun 2021
I started playing on Kinetic in October of 2020 and I have had a blast ever since. Really good playerbase (although there are some bad apples) and a helpful staff team.
Posted 24th May 2021
This is a network of servers in which I specifically play the infinity pack. Very enjoyable and the community has been wonderful. Owner has been very helpful on a few occasions as well which is refreshing from a minecraft community. Ign is LilDylpill
Posted 19th May 2021
This network's mod packs are always fun and enjoyable, there's always something to do and get done also the mod packs are a good place for people who are new to modded Minecraft to start off from.
Posted 14th May 2021
Been playing on this network for a couple years and every modpack they drop is a banger

Posted 12th May 2021
Im a german Player and i like the Network , for nearly everyone is something there ^^

You can also work and Play whit the Admins and sometimes the Owner make funny jokes ^^

I dont understand all but im learning whit the Community and sometimes the People learning from me =)

Im a German Player and like the Network

Posted 10th May 2021
I really love the server! I have played it like for 5 days straight and I´m still enjoying it. The people are very nice and the server is almost lag free!

Posted 10th May 2021
i like the server since the reset seems to run waaaaaay better
Posted 1st May 2021
I've been with this network for years and I have to say that I absolutely love this place and its people. I can't wait for future projects and events to come.
IGN -- Dstormzy
P.S. KINGDOMS! KINGDOMS! Never forget.
Posted 1st May 2021
Amazing servers and modpacks and amazing moderation/admin support. Lag is a issue, but thats a given with modded servers, and they're always working on improving the lag and QOL.
Posted 1st May 2021
Good servers and all, but the support team can be a bit slow to solve issues

Posted 1st May 2021
Very fun to play on, and minimal lag thanks to awesome dev team
Posted 1st May 2021
The server network is amazing, I play mostly on the Mythic pack. The community is helpful, always answering questions for complicated mods and even helping with resources. If you need a server with little to no lag and a great community the kinetic network is where to go.
Posted 1st May 2021
So I play on the server as CyPlaysGames and these servers are very poggers, like they have a good selection of mods, the shop system is pretty good, the player base is nice, and the staff are very helpful
Posted 27th Apr 2021
-Likes Constant updates and bug fixes, community, quick responses when you request help
-Dislikes Top ranks for servers don't have many weekly kits plus I can no longer buy claim blocks on colony but there all small dislikes there's nothing big I dislike about kinetic

-IGN GameNNMaster
Posted 26th Apr 2021
All in all kinetic is pretty good modded Minecraft network, they have a good amount of packs with different themes that have enough variety that there is plenty to do in each pack. The community itself is full of kind and mostly well behaving players and staff. I'd give Kinetic a 8.5/10. So if your looking for a fun and non-cancerous Modded MC network kinetic is a good one to join, Maybe I'll see ya there! -ign: CW_D
Posted 26th Apr 2021