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Kinetic Network

my IGN is AI_coolsky and so far their servers seem a tad laggy and as far as their Colony server goes pretty dead with maybe 1-4 people online avg
Posted 4th Oct 2022
Me personally I love the Kinetic Network and all the mods used but on the colony I would like to see Mystical Agg mod. - KennyMacPro
Posted 3rd Oct 2022
Its a great Throw back to 1.7.10 Lots of fun if you love tech and Magic then you will have a blast in this Modpack plus If u just want a PVE they give u that aswell or pvp if u want Would Highly Recommend this modpack

Posted 1st Oct 2022
User: Lutherius
The project itself is pretty nice! I love the offers of modded servers - Novus mostly. I'm still suprised that it plays such less players. Highly underestimated!
Posted 21st Sep 2022
I love the server, it's super fun. also I was told to leave my in game name, it's Ignatius__ :)
Posted 13th Sep 2022
I like this server and i will continue playing on it everyone is so friendly
Posted 13th Sep 2022
I just came back to this server after not playing it for a few years. Its a great server and was one of the first modded servers i played. It has all the old nostalgic 1.7.10 mods and its great. The server is very active and the players are very friendly.

My Username is OneGreyPerson.
Posted 11th Sep 2022

I love KNs servers, Wonderful managers, staff, and community ALWAYS. I been with them a few years now. Anytime there's a problem they deal with it fast, and servers are very stable. Any server issues they fix in a fast manner too.
Posted 9th Sep 2022
it is very fun with nice and friendly people that play people say welcome to new players and welcome back to players that log back on
Posted 8th Sep 2022
Could use a better shop
Posted 30th Aug 2022
good server no lag so far is great at moderating as well

username: stevenpizza
Posted 28th Aug 2022
A great network! ive played a few of their modpacks and they are well put together, i never have lag and a great friendly community.

Username: Xvrena
Posted 26th Aug 2022
Its very neat and I love the aspect of magic with tech balanced. Definently a pack Im sticking to.

Posted 24th Aug 2022
its a great server and i will recommend it to everyone
Posted 21st Aug 2022
I always end up coming back to this server any time I want to play modded Minecraft. If you like me aren't that great with tech mods and would like to just play around with magic mods and a little splash of tech, then I highly recommend giving this pack a try. The server has lots of friendly people and I notice little lag compared to other servers.
Posted 6th Aug 2022
i love this server its really cool. my ign is PrettyPinkVamp.
Posted 30th Jul 2022
User: QuadradiousIII
No lag and great quality modpacks!
Posted 26th Jul 2022
I just started, but everyone is helpful and respectful. look forward to a great gaming experience.
Posted 25th Jul 2022
Great server, just recently joined and I am loving the community so far. Can't wait to explore everything the server has to offer.

Posted 22nd Jul 2022
i love the skyfactory4 server. Awesomethedude
Posted 18th Jul 2022
The server is very fun, and its nice to see a server with mods like galactic craft, which I don't see often.
Ign: bananaorangeman
Posted 18th Jul 2022
This server is really good and it could be better if they added a way of getting money but overall very good.
Posted 17th Jul 2022
Server is pretty fun, I like it quite a bit, yours truly JessiFlintlock
Posted 16th Jul 2022
I believe that this entire network is great, and the people on it are just as amazing. Multiple custom-made modpacks for all sorts of tastes across multiple versions! What's not to love? This tech server is especially fun, since it blends tech and magic in such a way that makes it impossible not to want to experiment with everything! 10/10 server, I give this my seal of approval!
-Written by Frostecs_Lianuac
Posted 15th Jul 2022
Good Modpack could use a few additional mods such as enderio... IGN-DatSwag
Posted 13th Jul 2022