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Golden Sands

Golden Sands


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Nice server with great modpack, with their recipes, great community, but expensive chunk loaders and fonts for nickname. 8/10
Posted 1st Aug 2017
They are to concerned with their Economy, Its a Game, its not like your making real money off of players buying items in said game, The Mods are to quick to judge others, and will dog a player if they don't like them till the player makes a minor infraction and then ban them. the only good person on the server may be the Owner Mudge, But he trusts the crappy Mods he has so it really puts a downer on play on this server 1/5.
Posted 21st Jul 2017
Phenomenally run server, great players, great modpack, great staff.

This is a server that absolutely lives up to their promise to provide a fun, friendly place to play.
Posted 3rd Apr 2017
Good stable server with a great group of everyday players. Everyone is friendly, and all first joiners are welcomed by the entire server.

Few items banned (the ones that are, are mostly for stability)
Mods/Admin are prompt with fixing any issues.

Overall, a good choice!
Posted 29th Mar 2017
Golden Sands is a very good server, it's very community driven, with owners that care about their players.

It's the only community I've been in that literally has the whole server welcome a player.

This server is a great server check it out for sure.
Posted 12th Mar 2017