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Golden Sands


Who Are We?

Golden Sands is a mature community server for FTB/Modded MC. Our first official server is FTB Infinity Evolved: Normal. We strive to offer the best gameplay experience to all our members. Minecraft isn't just our hobby, but our passion.

Kits, Ranks & Donations

Love joining a new server but hate the initial grind of gathering all the basics materials for your favorite mods? Check out or Donation Shop, as a thank you for supporting our server and helping cover the expenses, we offer a good selection of kits, ranks and other goodies for you to chose from!

Strong Community

Our community may have quite a few people in it, but we strive to be all-inclusive while ensuring that hate speech, racism, and the like will not be tolerated. There are many who call Golden Sands their second home, so if you decide to join, we hope that you enjoy having a home to call your own too!

Staff Members

Our current staff members are highly experienced players with a lot of hours under their belts. Their approachable nature and friendly attitudes are key in keeping our community alive and ensuring long-term server success. Think you have what it takes to join our team? Our staff applications are open to those who are active on our server and help the community!

Join our discord -

I have been having a lot of fun here and they got a friendly staff
Posted 24th Jul 2023
Been a member since 2020 and while the community has definitely shrunk, it is still one of, if not the best, minecraft server out there. A dedicated staff team, friendly community, and an amazing Infinity Evolved experience unlike any other server. The three owners, Fox, Mudge, and Half are some of the friendliest people and a blast to be around. As a former staff member myself, they were all super polite and made sure staff was held to the highest standards possible and given the resources to do their jobs. They are dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly and helping out their community members. Golden Sands is not only just a minecraft server, but a family. You will not regret your time spent in this wonderful little hidden gem.

10/10, please don't eat hermal.

Posted 3rd Jul 2023
Played here since 2018/2019ish. I've enjoyed those years on here a ton and while the community has shrunk a little since I've started, I've enjoyed every minute spent here.

Fellow staff are lovely and incredibly helpful, responsive and kind, the owners (current and past) are amazing and the playerbase is friendly, and close knit.

The server it's self has an amazing set of custom recipes, little to no lag, fair rules, great plug-ins and mini games on occasion that are super fun and rewarding. The spawn is always astoundingly well made and the economy is well kept.

All in all, I would 100% recommend this server if you're looking for one of the last well made Infinity servers alive, and a good community that you'll be sure to fit right into.

-With love from Groovy :]
Posted 29th Jun 2023
I've been playing on and off for about a year or so. played before this most recent reset a few months ago, and since then have been far more active.

I'll start by saying that the server is generally great. It has a super friendly and amazing community and I've had no problems with people in general. I absolutely love it.

The server is really well polished. Amazingly so, to the point that I really am blown away. It really raised my expectations of standards for future servers and spoilt me in that regard. They have a "gather" world that you can plunder for resources etc, this prevents most of the landscape griefing I've found on other servers that really ruins the environment and fun. They also maintain and reset both the gather world and the nether and end etc every few months which keeps it pretty fresh.

Something really impressive is that this server utilises a LOT of custom recipes for items. It has unique end-game crafting modes and recipes that really add a touch of polish and keeps you constantly busy. I've had a lot of fun burning through Forestry and Tinker's Construct.

They have a reasonable "tech point" system that lets you count up the amount of tech blocks you have within a single chunk (you don't go over a certain limit). This keeps the game pretty lag-free in my experience.

The voting system is fantastic and simple, and blends voting rewards with gameplay in a way that is natural and not game breaking. They also maintain a player-driven marketplace. The designers of the server clearly spent a lot of time designing the economy as every single item has unique price guides seen via Not Enough Items (crafting recipe mod). You're not allowed to sell or trade items for below the value of the item which keeps things moving. This is stimulated by a chunk-loading system. You get consumable fuel for personal anchors via voting, and their guaranteed reward via voting sort of artificially keeps the server economy moving in a non-fluid isk manner.

Now that I've spoken about all the positives I think it's important to address the negatives. Firstly the owner very clearly does not like Witchery as a mod. They banned all brew (potion) items from the mod rather than locking them behind a very high time-based rank (say 4 weeks or so). This really killed the mod. You can technically use it but a lack of support recipes for the items you craft with brews as ingredients means a large portion of the mod is purely inaccessible and non-existent. This killed my steam and ruined my experience in all honesty as I found myself hitting a hard roadblock where my favourite mod was dead in the water. I have tried talking to the owner about getting brews put behind a late-game rank, or about adding support recipes for the items that need brews for crafting, but they're adamant that they will not support it or try to fix this going forward. It's this experience that's left me looking for another server at this point.

The other issue, if you could call it that, is the real-money shop on the website. Obviously, and understandably, a server needs to fund and support itself. This is fine, but the item shop directly sells a lot of access to creative items such as creative infinite power blocks and infinite Botania mana pools. This isn't a massive issue I guess given that there is no pvp so paying your way through mods only really directly impacts your enjoyment of the game, but this really does feel off in some sense. Buying ranks that give you non-creative items and kits that can be used on a long cool-down is far better and fair in my opinion (which they do offer in their shop). You CAN craft creative items via their unique integrated crafting recipe system as an extreme late-game form of gameplay, but that effort and time feels somewhat wasted when you can just pay £10+ bucks and get there instantly.

Overall the server was fun and I definitely recommend you give it a go, I may still hop on here and there to play through non-witchery mods. The moderator and admin staff are super friendly and I guarantee you will otherwise have a good time. I'm going to wait for the Expert Mode server to become non-whitelisted as that looks fun and challenging, and hopefully will be less restricted.

I give it a mixed but positive review.

Thanks for the good time!

~ PriapusTheFox/FluffyTheFox
Posted 8th Sep 2021
I am a long-time player... and I really mean a long-time player. I started playing on Golden Sands August 2017. I was looking for a good FTB Infinity server and ended up hopping among several of them before finding this one. This is why I have stayed for 4 years now.

1- The community: The community on Golden Sands is great. I've always enjoyed playing with the people on GS. People are helpful, there are lots of inside jokes and fun times to be had. When one of our players passed away in a car accident, the server banded together to contribute to a go-fund-me that went to his widow. There is a variety of people, but a culture of respect and kindness. The staff are great (Although I might be slightly biased) and leadership welcomes feedback and suggestions from all players. They even started an anonymous feedback channel on discord to have a dedicated space just for that.

2 - The content: Golden Sands has so many amazing things. Custom minigames, breathtaking original spawn builds, an engaging economy, and custom crafting recipies. You can even craft a creative energy cell. (It takes me months, and I've only done it twice now.) There is also deep lore of the great Hermal, the infinity engine, and even whispers of a religious cult.

3 - The growth: Even after 4 years, Golden Sands continues to get better. Recently they have added the "Epitome" modpack (Imagine Infinity but for 1.12.2) It has Thaumcraft 6, Mekanism, Advanced Rocketry, the mods you know and love from FTB Infinity, and more! There are new recipes and items still being added to the game. Most recently with the Sunforge.

Here is to looking forward to year 5 on this server!
Posted 22nd Aug 2021
The actions that occurred on behalf of the owners’ is beyond astounding and is taken into full account in the following review.

On 04/01/2121, I was a staffed member at GoldenSands. After a small inconvenience; I found myself unstaffed. Unfortunately, the cause of the demotion was never discussed or mentioned. Furthermore, the incident potentially causing the demotion was extremely minor and did not break any rules.

Due to the lack of professionalism and respect from Mudge, I made some statements that were fair and just in my opinion in the off-topic chat. I would never sit by and be blatantly harassed and belittled by somebody. I don’t even know this person in real life; they really do not have any authority over me.

Now, I am fully able to see why players such as Sanomi78 no longer play on the server. It is potentially because of unjust actions taken by certain authoritative figures. Finally, I have another subject to discuss.

When being a staff member at GoldenSands, I found that the owners and fellow staff members love to screenshot these reviews and discuss them.

Sadly, most of the reviews discussed are the negative ones, and the staff team tends to participate in causing drama over the reviews.

If I am correct, this would be a perfect catch 22 situation. I will not be a part of this and I will not sit blindly and quiet.

I have absolutely no intent on appealing. My standards are higher than this.

Posted 2nd Apr 2021
The two negative reviews below are, odd? I've been playing on the server for four years and my experience has been Fantastic.

The items that are outright banned are few, and are either world-breaking, PVP focused (PVP is not enabled or allowed) or are items used in dupes.

Some extremely powerful or dangerous items are restricted behind play time gates to help prevent abuse.

The server is low lag, the rules about creating lag are pretty simple (Build out, not up.) and it's difficult to Actually get banned. You need to steal, repeatedly break the same rules, or do something truly egregious. Staff are volunteers and are friendly and courteous and they follow the same rules as the rest of us.

There are minigames, custom crafting recipes for many creative or normally unobtainable items. Anything you can buy via microtransaction, you can get with points earned on server, with actual money or you can Craft.

All in all, the server keeps me coming back and I love it.

Posted 13th Mar 2021
TLDR: Admins are a joke and break rules, no help, lots of lag. Stay away from this one; regulates the economy and bans players who don't like the server.

Microtransactions to get around the restrictions of lag. One of the worst servers when it comes to "controlling lag" when it comes to lag. Server often lags out for seconds then things reset. Can never get help from the "mature" staff that always jokes out inappropriate things other than help you. Can never be taken seriously. Bans random things or makes you play on the server for weeks. Cannot allow more than a couple of machines in a chunk because it "may cause lag" and the admins are allowed as many machines in a chunk as possible. In addition to the machines, you are disallowed from mining in the overworld. The regulated economy must be followed or you will be banned or harassed by staff, which are friends of the owner. One of the worst communities.
Posted 4th Mar 2021
I thought it was a great server to play on until this happened. I started supporting the server. Next day I log in and I am permabanned for breaking the rules. There was absolutely no intention to break the rules. But they felt it necessary to ban their own supporter who helped keep the server afloat. I have tried everything to rectify it but unfortunately to no avail.

Posted 23rd Nov 2020
I have been playing on this server a lot recently and it is great. The things I like about golden sands: It has a very active playerbase and the staff are really helpful, There are only a few banned/restricted items, there is no lag, it's very smooth and has a great ranking system. There isn't really anything that I dislike about the server and I highly reccomend it.
Posted 4th Jun 2020
As a player and a moderator this server is literally the best! I have never had so much fun playing FTB. The community and staff is really nice, fun things to do and more! I would recommend this server to anyone playing FTB Infinity. This server gets a 100/10 for me :)
Posted 19th Mar 2020
Absolutely amazing server, used to play back in 2018, had to leave for personal reasons, came back at the beginning of 2020 and felt like I hadn’t left, players and staff are always polite and helpful and the server has amazing features and a great player base. Love the server!!

Misterchamp - GoldenSands Player
Posted 9th Feb 2020
I really enjoy this server, and the player base, Not the mention the staff as well. I enjoy the atmosphere provided by this server and community, and I will continue to be an active player here god willing.

Posted 5th Feb 2020
Hello, my name on the server is Boberton.

I've been playing on the server on and off for about a year, it is an extremely fun community with lots going on and super friendly staff. Normally I keep to myself, but on this server it makes me want to participate in the server events!
Posted 11th Nov 2019
Friendly Staff, Good Food, and the service was excellent, 10/10 would eat here again.
Posted 21st Oct 2019
Nice server, friendly staff that are willingly to help out. Played on and off for a week already. IGN: cookieziHD
Posted 22nd Sep 2019
I love this server! It has unique crafting recipes, and unique rules that help reduce lag! The community is also very nice.
Posted 19th Sep 2019
My name in MC is Styrakis.

I have been playing this server for years, and wouldn't think to look anywhere else. The Staff are amazing, the owner unbiased, and a great guy, and the servers great. Limited banned items, and they have found a way to make other special items craftable.

Posted 19th Sep 2019
I've been playing on this server for a few days now and it's great. There are almost always staff available to answer questions, and I see owners logged on and interacting with players every day. It's been a small player base, typically less than 25-30 players at peak, and due to the guidance they give on making builds that reduce lag, the server has been very responsive.

Very happy I joined.

ign: mdouglas
Posted 18th Sep 2019
This has honestly got to be one of the best modded servers I have ever found. From the time of joining (ever never stopping yet) the players, staff and even on occasion the owners are always friendly helpful and kind. Chat is always fun to interact with and the server itself has very little if any lag! I give it 11/10!! Keep up the great work!!
Posted 9th Sep 2019
MochaTheDeer: I joined this server about three months ago, looking for a smaller Infinity Evolved server that was lag free, and without a bunch of items banned, this server had it. I instantly got a connection with the community, and the staff team was especially nice. The server also did mini games for rewards on weekends, and those were fairly fun. If you want a smaller Infinity server, this is the one to join.
Posted 8th Sep 2019
Smurphizzle: Golden Sands is the best Minecraft server available. Super friendly staff, very fun community, and great mods with very little banned items!! Come check it out!!
Posted 2nd Sep 2019
What to say, what to say. The entire time since i started on the server has been Excellent, but lately i've been so depressed it's nice getting on the server without anyone interacting much with me or bombards me with questions. Other than that It's a great server Great Staff, Great Owner.
Posted 24th Aug 2019
I'm playing here since 2 weeks, very stable server with no lag. Nice staff and weekly minigames.
If someone wants some help that's my ign:
Posted 23rd Aug 2019
Hey guys, Lodius here. I've played on this server on and off for a couple years. It is hands down the best modded Minecraft server I've ever played, and I've been playing modded for a very long time.

The owner, mudge, is legitimately a down to Earth guy who has been running this server for a few years now. He makes sure everything is fair and balanced. He runs the staff like a real company business, and monitors their behavior.

The economy is fantastic. There was a recent reset as well. If you're looking to jump in to a fresh start then join now!

Lastly, the quality of life is nice by the addition of custom recipes implemented by mudge and the devs.

See you there soon.
Posted 23rd Aug 2019