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About Us:

Craft Down Under is a gaming community that specializes in hosting and playing Minecraft modpacks. Our servers, located in Australia, the United States, and Europe, offer a wide variety of modpacks to suit different playstyles and preferences. We're dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for all players, regardless of their skill level, to come together and enjoy the unique experiences that modpacks provide. Join us today and see why Craft Down Under is the go-to destination for Minecraft modpack enthusiasts!

US Servers:

  • All The Mods 9 ::
  • Inclusive Reborn ::
  • Medieval MC [Fabric] - MMC2 ::
  • MineColonies: Dimensional Adventure ::
  • FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.20 ::
  • BigChadGuys Plus Plus :: OR
  • Better MC [Fabric] - BMC1 ::
  • Create Stellar ::
  • Enigmatica 9 ::
  • Prominence I [Fabric] ::
  • MageTech [Forge] ::
  • The Chocolate Edition ::
  • Fear Nightfall ::
  • All The Mods 7 ::
  • Another Quality Modpack 3 ::
  • Create: Arcane Engineering ::
  • Create: Astral ::
  • DawnCraft ::
  • Mechanical Mastery ::
  • Vault Hunters 3rd edition ::
  • Vault Hunters 3rd edition (Hard) ::
  • Vault Hunters 3rd edition (Sky) ::
  • Mystical Block ::

AU Servers:

  • Prominence II [Fabric] ::
  • OccultCraft ::
  • Craft To Exile 2 ::
  • BigChadGuys Plus Plus ::
  • All The Mods 8 ::
  • ATM: VolcanoBlock ::
  • CDU Custom ::
  • Strictly Medieval 3 ::
  • Techopolis 2 (Skyblock Mode) ::
  • FTB Presents AbePack ::
  • Vault Hunters 3rd edition ::
  • Ragnamod VI ::
  • Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 2 ::
  • MeatballCraft, Dimensional Ascension ::
  • Project Ozone 3 (Kappa mode) ::

EU Servers:

  • All The Mods 9 ::
  • BigChadGuys Plus Plus ::
  • Evolve - To The Moon and Beyond ::
  • UniversIO ::
  • DerpCraft ::
  • All in One [Modded One Block] ::
  • FTB Presents Integrations by Parts DX ::

Key Features:

  • Multiple Locations: We are currently hosting our servers in 3 locations: Australia, Germany & USA. This allows players around the world to play on our servers with minimal ping.
  • Always Online: Our dedicated servers are online 24/7 so you can play whenever you like!
  • Chat & Inventory Synchronisation: Global chat between our AU and US servers are synchronised so you can talk to players on either server. If you wish to change servers, inventory sync is also enabled, allowing players to swap servers without losing items from their inventory.
  • Playtime rewards: Get rewarded for playing on our servers! Earn special rewards as you play on our servers, the more you play, the more rewards!
  • Regular Backups: All our servers are backed up regularly on the off chance that something goes wrong
  • Voting: Vote for our server to receive rewards! Make sure you are in-game when you vote to receive the reward
  • DDoS Protection: We use TCPShield with CloudFlare Spectrum to quickly and effectively mitigate any attacks and provide a stable connection!
The server is cool, but it crashes several times a day.
Posted 10th Dec 2022
Craft Down Under has opted out of the cut and paste unstable Plugin/Spigot server experience and developed a suite of custom mods to achieve the same ends.

The result of this tradeoff has been lightning fast performance, very few crashes and frequent, day one updates to modpacks.
Posted 11th Nov 2022
Craft Down Under is one of the best when it comes to hosting servers. All kinds of modpacks to choose from. They have AU, EU and us servers. Staff are wonderful and always helpful..Please come try them out..they would be glad to have you!
Posted 9th Nov 2022