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The Decursio Team is proud to present to you the first installment of The Decursio Project modpack, only for Minecraft 1.16.5! Our pack includes a large variety of both tech and magic mods, to ensure that our players feel challenged all the way through their journey.
The Decursio Project has opportunities for a large variety of Minecraft players. The new players will be helped by our quests all the way through the pack, and the veterans will be challenged by the high number of modified recipes and mechanics.
Our pack is structured into Ages, through the use of game stages, similar to SevTech: Ages. However, the similarities end here, as the majority of the pack is based around the feeling of Enigmatica 2: Expert
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StoneBlock 3 ★ Medieval MC ★ Vault Hunters ★ RLCraft ★ RAD 2 ★ FTB Inferno ★ ATM 7 ★ ATM 7 Sky ★ ATM 8 ★ Better MC ★ AoF 6 ★ DW20 ★ AND MORE!

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