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Literally unplayable, server lag is unbearable to the point where you cant connect, when you can connect you cant do anything because its laggy.
Posted 30th Nov 2020
fun server with kind and active staff
Posted 10th Nov 2020
i love this server, friendly people, good laughs, I've only been here for a few days and feel like fam
Posted 15th Oct 2020
Great server, very stable and great staff.. had an issue, got help in less than 5 mins!
Posted 30th Sep 2020
I have played on there server for some while now the way they have there sever set up make it friendly for new player to join and learn there way around i have not had any problems with other players and had a very good player atmosphere, and the staff team are always willing to help you,
Posted 27th Sep 2020
Ok, so first of all, the staff on this server are INCREDIBLY helpful. Having been in several customer support roles before, the level of support that is provided by volunteers with their own lives is above the gold standard of support. Also, a month or two ago, another Minecraft server (Not even a network) decided that Dirtcraft was a target to ddos and attempt to hack. I guess they were completely wrong because Dirtcraft had their servers back up and running in about a day or two. I really don't get why there are trolls that say the staff are unhelpful or abuse power. Maybe they didn't even read the rules before deciding to grief or hack on the server. I mean, come on. Consequences are consequences and I don't get why everybody thinks that enforcing rules is "abusing power".

All in all, 10/10 would extremely recommend. Don't listen to the others out there.
Posted 27th Sep 2020
Chill Server with nice Staff, instant reply on my tickets.
Posted 25th Sep 2020
Worst server, If staff doesn't like you you get punished in every way without any real proof.

There goes the money and time invest.

I do not recommend this server!
Posted 20th Sep 2020
Very cool server with friendly and helpful players and staff and a good economy.
Tho some cool items are banned it's still fun to play and nothing is impossible to complete.
Posted 30th Aug 2020
Good server with not forced donation to be able to complete the pack. My personal issue is the lag makes it unplayable unfortunatly.
Posted 29th Aug 2020
Great server to play most packs you can think of. Lag is very minimal most of the time, all the staff are very helpful when it comes to the actual mods, or just help in general. Always active players that can help you also. Staff are polite and owner is great. -WalmartGiftcard
Posted 13th Aug 2020
Server is ran very badly it seems that the owner has no idea what he's doing.

During the past few days their server/network has been hacked about 5 times exposing god knows what information to the hackers. And what does the server owner do about this besides "fixing" the problem and rolling back the server? Nothing really. Our data is already leaked and he has not adressed it at all.

When I was able to actually play on the server before it was hacked and down for multiple hours. Some guy was always going arround handing out creative items. And the lag was quite honestly so bad that they should be ashed.

I believe that this is as some others have stated before me. A cash grab that's gone out of control and somehow got popular. I'd suggest avoiding this network!
Posted 12th Aug 2020
First time I play on a multiplayer survival server and it is the best, everyone has 10 thousand IQ with mods and are always available to help with any question of anything, market system makes it fun so you don't need to travel half a world to find something .
Posted 12th Aug 2020
Okay, to start this off I am going to state that I was unable to play for very long due to the intense lag, I was greeted by one joining the HUB and even worse lag when joining the "server" for the mod I was playing.

I must say hosting every Mod-Pack on one server is and will never be a good idea unless hosting 2-3 packs.

I have also noticed that in-order to receive and item you purchase you have to DM and staff member, to receive it witch will lead to problems and probably already has.
Over all I would recommend up-ing the amount of servers you host and using, a server provider as it seems you may be hosting it on your own PC.
(Not the safest thing if you are)

I have also read some of the reviews on here and
a lot seem to be negative saying that the staff abuse there power. and it could very well be true due to
a lot of people having strikingly similar story's.

To wrap this up I would never recommend you play this server as it seems poorly set up and looks like a money grab that blew up.
if you worked and tried to better your server it could be a great one. but it seems you don't really care.

0/10 would never recommend you play on this server it would be a massive waste of time
Posted 10th Aug 2020
Good server. Has the most unlocked stuff like 25 homes, a lot of claims and chunkloading. Also a lot of modpacks. 5/5 and seems to allow rank transfer.
Posted 27th Jul 2020
had issues and they helped me out very quickly. thank you bros =)
Posted 26th Jul 2020
I have bought the expensivest rank, wich gives you the acces to spawn things in, i have helped everyone on the rlcraft server that needed help without using it, for once i decide to troll a friend with spawning in a banshee and a siren and i get banned for 24 hours and lose my Perms i paid for Goodbye 68$, totally not a recommand.
The server replied:
No, not perms goodbye, make a ticket and do @owner :)
Posted 13th Jul 2020
A bit laggy but overall a very good and welcoming server.
Posted 5th Jul 2020
Chill staff
Kind people
Lightning fast support-capabilities
Great mods too!
Posted 3rd Jul 2020
Amazing community, very helpful and professional staff team, no lag and wholesome discord members. Definitely the best server out there to play in
Posted 30th Jun 2020
Amazing server. The best online modded experience I've had in almost a decade. I've played Infinity, DW20, Ultimate and Revelations. Loved all 4.
Friendly staff, amazing community (especially infinity), very nice support ticket and ban appeal discord system. Great economy, not at all pay to win, I mean: What other server gives you 250 chunks and 25 homes PER PERSON?! Just astonishing.

Ofcourse a little lag now and then is almost unavoidable with like 40 people on modded server with 200 mods, but I hardly notice it.

Would recommend 10/10!
Posted 19th Jun 2020
Greedy server, they deliberately disable tombstone mods in order to add their system where you have to pay absurd amounts of cash to restore your inventory, and if you dont, all your items drop and end up getting erased by the clear lag system. Also, their admin shop also charges insane amounts of money for items that you cannot otherwise get, due to the large amount of banned things they have. It is essentially a pay to play, with one of the only means of getting cash is by voting or giving them your money. Their servers live up to the name, as they are probably made of dirt. Avoid this server at all costs, and find another one for the sake of your time.
The server replied:
NO. Tombstone mod creates this - MIST - around the tombstone/grave and it makes people CRASH. This is why its disabled.
Just make a ticket and you would have your stuff given back easily, if need be you would be temporarily put in creative on a trust basis so you could give it back to yourself..
Posted 18th Jun 2020
One of best community. With a "quick" support system on discord (Can take 1min or 2h depending the timezone).

I don't understand why some persons are upset because they are banned for "something they don't know". If they doesn't know, they can just open an appeal on discord...
Posted 17th Jun 2020
I've been playing on Dirtcraft for... 3 years now? My time here has been overwhelmingly positive. I've played Rev and Pixelmon most out of the other couple dozen servers they host. I even modded on Pixelmon for their launch and enjoyed meeting the rest of the staff and getting to know the team.

Let's be honest, a lot of Minecraft servers are known for very poor management and banhammering for little to no reason. I'm happy I found Dirtcraft out of rerolling on multiple servers and swimming through toxic players, communities and leadership. When I got to Dirtcraft I wasn't hopeful and didn't expect to stay permanently. If you run into issues (for example, glitches, exploits, accidents or player grief) you can put in tickets on Discord for help. If you screw up and get punished you can appeal your punishment. You have a voice here as long as you are respectful and follow the base rules.
Posted 12th Jun 2020
Server is good. They have like 20+ modpacks. The big ones lag cuz they allow a lot of stuff. But its to be expected with many players on.
Posted 5th Jun 2020