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DirtCraft | A modded community

Very cool. Very active staff and fun modpack.
Posted 17th Mar 2020
Very good server, with funny and helpful staff
Posted 27th Feb 2020
I can't speak for other modpacks, but as far as Project Ozone 3 is concerned, this isn't the greatest server in the world. There are a lot of positives, but a lot, if not more, negatives about it. For starters, there are a bunch of helpful features such as a marketplace for buying items you might need, voting gives you keys that open crates which can contain good items, etc. I'm not here to talk about the positives though, since you can already read those in the myriad of reviews people have left. I'm here to tell you about the worst stuff about the server. The staff, no matter how friendly they sound on these reviews, are absolute pieces of garbage. Most, if not all, are stuck so far up their ass its literally unbearable. Especially the higher ones. The manager, for example, is a typical power tripping soyboy, who thinks just because he has a high rank he can do literally whatever he wants to whoever he wants. They constantly accuse people of lagging the server with their miniscule builds, while the only time the server actually starts lagging is when the mods, and donators, who have played for a very long time, come on, since obviously, their builds are going to be much more massive and lag inducing than the builds of those who have just recently started playing. The staff team also have a tendency to make up rules on the fly, which you get punished for not obeying, even if it's literally not stated anywhere. A few banned items here, a few broken plugins there, and the server is just a constant mess. I guess what I'm trying to say is the server itself is not half bad, the problem lies within the people that run it. Their staff honestly needs to either be replaced, or stop acting like such massive dickheads all the time.
The server replied:
Sorry for this. Please report directly to owner next time and ill try to solve this so you can just play without being bothered.
Posted 24th Feb 2020
This server is amazing and the staff is always helpful. I play on the infinity evolved mod pack and the staff is knowledgeable in every way possible. great market established with a wide variety of skill sets involved some one can always answer a question when needed. great donate system implemented as well.
Posted 15th Feb 2020
I have been playing this server for a little bit and i enjoy it with all of the modpacks within i play most of them. I have recently been talking with the owner and he seems like a pretty chill dude. The staff of the server help out anyway they can and are always on watching this server is one of the best modded minecraft servers out there so this is why i give it a good review
Posted 9th Feb 2020
i love the server, everything about it is amazing. it is my favorite server, best support, and friendliest server i have ever been on
Posted 6th Feb 2020
i like this server because is very friendly and stable
Posted 28th Jan 2020
its awesome that they have so mod packs on one server only thing is connecting to the server is a hassle some times you get in play fine other days you cant connect or its extremely laggy
Posted 23rd Jan 2020
Incredible network of servers with a variety of modpacks to play on. Staff are very helpful and will be more than eager to assist you as soon as they are able to.
Posted 9th Jan 2020
Awesome Server, Friendly players and helpful staff, had one issue and it was taken care of quickly
Posted 5th Dec 2019
Needed an admin. I contacted via Discord and the response was quick and successful.
No regrets on playing here :P
Posted 27th Nov 2019
block lag, high numbers and large server, cant handle those numbers though.
Posted 22nd Nov 2019
It's hard to write about this server as a (whole) I have only played on Direwolf20. It has been a enjoyable play through and welcoming experience. the people on the server are really nice and helpful regarding the use of some items. it's nice not having to watch guides on youtube but instead have someone help you with it. I find that some of the rules on the server are a slight bit stupid. You are not allowed to give any item no matter what it is to another person without being warned or threatened with a ban. even if it's 1 sugarcane. The currency on the server is nice and balanced. I believe the voting rewards are amazing. online/off-line chunk loaders are super helpful. The lag on the server is normally very easy to deal with I play on 300-ping normally but it's really easy to play with it. I made a slight mistake without realizing it and received a weeks ban. Because i apologized they reduced it to 2 days ban The punishments are really big. Some of the mods are disabled because it causes the server lag. Astral sorcery is banned. Twilight Forrest is banned. And some other items are banned to reduce lag or being able to grief overs. Personally i enjoy the server a lot because of the community. But i wouldn't tread on any of the staffs toes they don't take well to anything. If you decide to play on this amazing server msg me in game my nickname is -RegretsDonating.
Posted 31st Oct 2019
Been playing on Stoneblock2.

Nice server.

Thoughtful limits to make everyone's time on servers more enjoyable.

Amazing staff - will not only make sure players follow rules, but will help work around limits and aid when game glitches arise.
Posted 26th Oct 2019
10/10 idk why they stole my review but this is literally the best server ever
Posted 23rd Oct 2019
Big awesome community with great support when u have trouble with something. Would highly recommend this server to play on. :)
Posted 20th Oct 2019
Loving the server Great atmosphere and runs really well keep it up
Posted 16th Oct 2019
I like the server, but the one i am on has very strict rules.
Posted 5th Oct 2019