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Good job on Direwolf20 1.16 thumbsup
Posted 18th Jan 2022
Good server has most free stuff like homes and a lot of claims
Posted 17th Jan 2022
I'm playing on Infinity and it's a good server. Probably the best I found for multiplayer. Idk about the other packs I havent been there
Posted 8th Jan 2022
dirtcraft has fallen

the kick happy, insecure, power trip staff today compared to the staff from back in 2018 is like night and day......

i was excited to play on revelation until i saw how the new admins and mods treated people, jazz and cheese act like children and considering how low the numbers are maybe it's just the best dirt has to offer now.....

i had donated a lot back in the day to support a good crew so it won't matter because they already got my money...... i'm just so disappointed

and people don't care so this is to warn new members to not bother joining it is really awful. :(

bye and thanks for the good times but they're gone now
Posted 12th Nov 2021

I always kicked !!
Too much banned item !!!
You can pay dollars for coins !!!!
You have to buy with real money to reset quest !!!!!
You are limited by the server !!!!!!
When I connect I get the kick on me and when I ask they pretend it is ddos attack !!!!!!!

Posted 1st Nov 2021
Full banned item
P2W perks

Wasted 4 hours of my life
Posted 27th Oct 2021
DO NOT BUY, OR PLAY ON THIS SERVER! This server owner is a thief. Will gladly take your money, but good luck trying to get a refund. First few days playing in the server went well. No problems, minimum lag, some friendly people. Then after about a week of playing the lag started to get bad. It became unplayable and it kept kicking you to the hub lobby. The selling aspect on this server is garbage too. Half the items in the game don’t have a worth so you can sell or buy that item. Another thing they did was make the recipe’s really difficult to make so the player is either forced to p2w or grind for weeks to get 1 ingredient. Also some players on the servers are mods on other servers. So they have a superiority complex to them. They talk very rude to fellow users like they are power hungry. Instead of asking you, they tell you to “pick your sh!t up” then proceed to talk to you like a child.

All in all my experience on this garbage server is DON’T PLAY IT, don’t give these people your money or time.
Posted 26th Oct 2021
This server is one of the few i found for this mod pack and it has worked well. Username: mrmage123
Posted 6th Oct 2021
exceptionally low banned items
*has 4 pages of banned items*, gotta say tho, good job on the hub and discord server, everything works very well and discord server is pretty well organized
Posted 24th Sep 2021
The staff is friendly and helpfull. the servers are quick and responisive. they have allmost all the major modpacks. its fantastic.
Posted 23rd Apr 2021
Honest review here!!!

I believe that the positive reviews are honestly from the staff team themselves and their inflated ego.
The only reason why I'm writing a review is because I'm sick and tired of their bullshit.

I have about 300 hours playtime across multiple of their servers and while some staff are quite helpful others
are quite frankly power hungry individuals which only seem to like to terrorize others and force them to destroy items
or they straight off just destroy it themselves without notifying you. I've personally had my base straight up wiped once
for no reason except and I quote (It was causing the server to crash) when in reality I believe the admin's client crashed
since I never had any issue and neither did anyone else when they visited my base.

Not to mention that the server lag itself makes it almost unplayable however HOWEVER the restrictions they impose which are
written at spawn make the entire thing so bad that it's frankly sad. For example they limit the amount of roaming cows to 5
in the entire cave in stoneblock 2 and also put in a limit on chickens, cows, grass and many other items which make no sense
and only make the gameplay worse for us in the end.

I'd also like to mention that half of the time machines in your base don't even work and to fix this they force you to buy chunkloaders from their store which is extremely pay 2 win already on it's own but this just makes it worse. It litterary forces you to pay for something just so that you can have a decent experience and not have to worry about your auto crafting not working and much more it's really sad!

In short for anyone who can't be asked to read my rambling. The server is pay2win, the staff abuse their powers just to make memes to sharewith eachother and and the server lag makes it unplayable at times and the restrictions mostly don't make sense. I guess if you're just starting off with modded minecraft and don't know any better this server will do just fine however experienced players should avoid!
Posted 22nd Apr 2021
Laggy mess!!!! Don't recommend
Posted 6th Apr 2021
Bad server!

Admin banned me after we got into an argument over weather or not asian lives matter!!!!

He disagreed and said they don't and banned me and my entire team!??!

If you have opinion and admin don't share it they will ban u. Avoid!
Posted 3rd Apr 2021
Overall 1/5 if I could rate it below that I would.

So let's start out by listing the worst parts of this community:
- Lagging even with 6 players online (I personally played on stoneblock2)
- Most servers except infinity are empty most of the time or at most only reach 10 players
- Economy is dead due to low player count
- Store is p2w since it offers a lot of stuff that is against the eula all for a quick buck
- Ownership seems to be non existent (Never seen them on and they almost never make a post on discord)

Overall this entire network seems to be the work of some dirt like creature that doesn't know how to run a server and is probably hosted from a basement. It blew up due to the name but simply does not live up to the hype.

Posted 3rd Apr 2021
This server is good so far as it is my early impressions though it could be changed later on.
Posted 17th Mar 2021
I have played Project Ozon 3 for the past few days and so far it has been great. The modpack is large so there are some lags but it is more then playable. There is a lot of banned items but most of them can be replaced with other items so it’s fine. The economy is based on player shops but you also get money from playtime and voting. The staff is super friendly too. From all the modded servers i have played on this is one of the best so I am even considering to become a donator and play here long-term.
Posted 11th Mar 2021
Posted 5th Jan 2021
Really odd/out of place limits and rules compared to similar servers, seems to have a decent number of supporters and donators/fan base. Definitely one of the laggiest modded servers I've been on.
Posted 2nd Jan 2021
Literally unplayable, server lag is unbearable to the point where you cant connect, when you can connect you cant do anything because its laggy.
Posted 30th Nov 2020
fun server with kind and active staff
Posted 10th Nov 2020
i love this server, friendly people, good laughs, I've only been here for a few days and feel like fam
Posted 15th Oct 2020
Great server, very stable and great staff.. had an issue, got help in less than 5 mins!
Posted 30th Sep 2020
I have played on there server for some while now the way they have there sever set up make it friendly for new player to join and learn there way around i have not had any problems with other players and had a very good player atmosphere, and the staff team are always willing to help you,
Posted 27th Sep 2020
Ok, so first of all, the staff on this server are INCREDIBLY helpful. Having been in several customer support roles before, the level of support that is provided by volunteers with their own lives is above the gold standard of support. Also, a month or two ago, another Minecraft server (Not even a network) decided that Dirtcraft was a target to ddos and attempt to hack. I guess they were completely wrong because Dirtcraft had their servers back up and running in about a day or two. I really don't get why there are trolls that say the staff are unhelpful or abuse power. Maybe they didn't even read the rules before deciding to grief or hack on the server. I mean, come on. Consequences are consequences and I don't get why everybody thinks that enforcing rules is "abusing power".

All in all, 10/10 would extremely recommend. Don't listen to the others out there.
Posted 27th Sep 2020
Chill Server with nice Staff, instant reply on my tickets.
Posted 25th Sep 2020