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[HHServers] MC.Eternal/RLCraft/Omnifactory/ATM



Spawn by IlgnerPT

| bi-weekly and monthly events | Bliss Mode that gives EVERYONE access to /heal /fly and so much more! | playtime ranks and kits | Chunkloading | Vote crate | Random playtime rewards |

BLISS MODE: ACTIVE! -- 'Bliss Mode' allows ALL players access to commands like /heal, /fly, /feed and more!

Relatively new server but you can count on fast support and great performance from the start. Any questions just DM me :) ---

I have been active on this network for quite a while now, and there's simply nothing negative to be said.
The owner is very engaged in the community, is open to feedback and always does his best to resolve any issues that players may have.
I would highly recommend you give the server a try. We welcome new players and are eager to help, and most importantly, we all have fun!
This network contains a variety of servers and every weekend an event is hosted where you can compete to win in-game cash or even donor ranks.
Come check it out!
Posted 7th Feb 2020