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[HHServers] FTB Revelation / Eternal / ATM

FTB Omnia:

The server is a bit laggy. I entered the /rtp command and it did nothing, until about 30 mins later. It rtp'ed me to a random location and I lost my house. There is no /sethome and the /back command doesn't work. Since there isn't a way to set waypoints on the the FTB Maps, I lost the Location.

I recommend adding /sethome or fixing the /back command.
The server replied:
Hello! I'm sorry you experienced some lag on Omnia - if you join our discord you can ask for staff help there! As Omnia is on 1.15 it can sometimes be unstable - all it takes is a quick restart usually :)

/home set currently works on Omnia.

Please join our Discord if you have any more issues <3
Posted 1st Jun 2020
Brilliant server, one of the best servers that I've played, and I've been around a good while. The server owner works at his servers a LOT and is always listening to players, adding new things, and generally making playing a better experience. Plenty of servers to choose from. All the commands that we all love. And lots more. Definitely worth the time to come and see for yourself!
The server replied:
I appreciate it so much, thank you!! <3
Posted 22nd May 2020
I Gotta say, the people on this server are so genuinely nice. The owner works his butt off to make sure everyone happy, the kits you can buy or earn help you advance so much, but not too fast, and they work so hard to make sure it isnt laggy AT ALL TIMES, and even when tps goes down because of a player, they go about it so kindly. By far the best server I've ever been on, and will be on. <3 Marpp
The server replied:
Thank you soooo much :) <3
Posted 6th Mar 2020
I have been active on this network for quite a while now, and there's simply nothing negative to be said.
The owner is very engaged in the community, is open to feedback and always does his best to resolve any issues that players may have.
I would highly recommend you give the server a try. We welcome new players and are eager to help, and most importantly, we all have fun!
This network contains a variety of servers and every weekend an event is hosted where you can compete to win in-game cash or even donor ranks.
Come check it out!
The server replied:
Thank you so much friend <3
Posted 7th Feb 2020