This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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EPiCCRAFT 1.6.4 24/7



Server IP

Check out our website:

Our Goal:

We strive to give our players the best experience possible, with a dedicated server and staff who care about players and the server.
SeriousServers: We don't plan on going anywhere.
Fun and protection to the maximum, with all blocks being added to protection you can enjoy your experience with no fear of grief.
Strong community founded, help in game and out with our website chat room.

Experienced Staff and Owners
Family friendly server with chat filters
Friendly community across several servers
PVE; Fight your way through mobs and find the perfect spot
Economy based server. Kill mobs, get cash.
New Market system that allows you to sell your items in a virtual marketplace to other players.
Grief prevention to stop all the trolls from destroying your hard work, all items protected!
Prism Block logging. The best out there. Try something and you will be caught.
Vote for rewards that change with time.
TeamSpeak3 Server for talking to your friends and making new ones.
Destroying what Is not yours, Isn't tolerated. You will be caught. You will be banned.
No stealing; Don't do it.
Asking staff for administrator level privileged will get you muted.
We support free-speech, don't abuse it.
Once again, we're laid back and all we ask Is to following the rules

Processor; E51620v2
Mem; 64GB 1600mhz DDR3 ECC;
x2 120GB SSD's
Supermicro hardware; It's the best
1Gbps Uplink TWtelecom backbone. Server hosted in Buffalo, New York, USA

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