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CraftAU FTB Lite

CraftAU FTB Lite 1.10


CraftAU ( is an Australian gaming community running multiple FTB / Minecraft servers.

Sky Factory 3:
Lite 1.10:



Admins are Troll happy, They will spawn stuff in for there friends and constant lag & TPS Drops. it seams like this isn't a real community its a Server for "Friends" but its made public. The Admin/Moderators say and do what they want with no punishment.

So over all Review of the server from 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

Admin/Moderators: 1
Community: 5/10
Uptime: 10
Family Friendly: 1
Lag/Tps: 1
Creativity: 1/10 (all there spawns are someone else's work that they have spawned in no imagination at all)
Features: 2/10 (they do the bare basics and no more)
Support: 3/10 (you will get better support from the community then you will from the Admin/Moderators)

Yours Truly -K
The server replied:
Hi K

Firstly, thank you for your feedback.

Secondly, we're curious as to what evidence you have to support these claims. Your review has the flavour of a child stamping their foot because they didn't get their way, so we have to wonder what's happened to make you post this kind of review. One can only assume that you got in trouble for doing the wrong thing and are now seeking petty revenge.

Our staff are not "troll happy"; as a matter of fact we suffer no trolls.

We don't spawn stuff in for our friends. Hell, we don't even let the senior staff spawn stuff in without good reason.

A lot of our lag and TPS drops are because players like to forget they're on a multiplayer server; instead they play like it's a single player game. We do our best to mitigate this, but it's all but impossible to police this.

You're partly right, it *is* a server for friends. But most of us are friends *because* of the server, not to get on the server.

There's no punishment for saying and doing what we want? Interesting. We didn't realise you're privy to the private conversations of senior staff and the decisions of the owner.

Now for your ratings:

Creativity: we're quite happy to have someone in our community design a spawn for us. However, quite frequently life happens (you know, jobs, family, social life, etc), and as we all volunteer our time to CraftAU, that frequently means we try to go for the quickest option at the time.

Features: "Bare basics"? What exactly are the bare basics? And have you made feasible suggestions as to what else we could do?

Support: again, we volunteer. We have lives outside of CraftAU. If things don't get fixed straight away that's generally because we can't. And we have specific rules for our staff regarding what they can and can't do to assist. We *also* have it listed in our rules that we won't provide certain types of help.

So unless you're able to provide us with evidence of all these claims you're making, we have no option to assume that you've done something wrong and are now seeking revenge for getting in trouble.
Posted 27th Feb 2017