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Engineer's Life 2 is a tech-based modpack, focused around Immersive Engineering mod and built for Minecraft 1.16.5. In this modpack you will make your way from gathering flint for crafting your first pickaxe to complex immersive-looking multiblock machines and factories. Waterwheels, Windmills, Excavator with big rotating bucketwheel, hanging powerlines like in real life, diesel generator and pumpjacks, handheld mining drill... You will find different small and big additions in almost every aspect of the game: extra building blocks for the most sophisticated architects, extra food, extra seeds and bees, furniture and windows. And if you're tired of crafting you can go explore the world around you and find a lot of secret hidden features and structures(and maybe dimensions?). Despite the fact that pack is focused on technology mods, exploration is still a part of the game.
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