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Generation Gateway CrackPack

Generation Gateway CrackPack


Here at Generation Gateway, we are mature, professional, dedicated, friendly and helpful. We have over 17 years of combined experience running gaming communities and managing dedicated servers. Together we have brought the MC community a place to call home. It is our passion to give players a quality and stable place to call home.

This community was running for 2 and a half years. It was decided between my old co-owner and I to close the server down for a while. We'll the previous co-owner is too busy, but I have decided to launch the community again on a CrackPack modpack.

A month and a half of prep was used to build this server. This server is being run all by itself on a pretty powerful dedicated server, being hosted in eastern Canada. The data-center has great ping to all countries.

Personal skype in-case you need any assistance: ExoKruzer (Look for pikachu).
Crackpack v1.1.0 ip:

We use towny and LWC as our main protection system. Everyone has 1 FTBU claim to claim their quarries/pumps in other worlds, and we have a random teleport to spread everyone out. There is much more to find out, come check us out!

If you want to play on a non-pvp server with a solid community and excellent staff this is the place for you. Currently just running Crackpack (which is awesome if your computer can run it) but maybe more in the future if more people join? Either way it's a good, stable server and the banned items list is short and reasonable as far as I can tell. Overall I really enjoy playing here and I recommend it to anyone who plays modded Minecraft.
Posted 18th Oct 2016