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RandomSh*tCraft (FTB-Unleashed) (Whitelist)


We are a new small minecraft server

We run ftb unleashed

We have few members and we plan to keep it small for a community feel

Once you join we take suggestions on how to make the server better

Donations will be accepted to better our server but not required

We do not have a website at this time

We request 16 and older players for a more mature game environment

Common sense is required

No cheating mods

Most items are not banned which is why we ask for common since and 16+

If you know an item will lag the server don't use it (common sense)

foul language is aloud but not in excessive use

We also allow youtube recording

Rules of the server are posted in the spawn building

We are a whitelist server

( To join you must enable every mod for unleashed besides "Deathtimer")

Admins: Zakern and Lunar_corrosion

Moderator: Nbread

To apply answer these question in the comments below

We all work and or go to college we check the comments as often as possible

Characters name:


Have you ever been banned:

Why you want to join:

How long have you played minecraft:

Do you have experience with ftb:

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