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Opening Ceremonies Open to public

Our Server Offers over 116 mods(according to forge). I plan to expand the server more once we start getting more traffic as well. We offer a laid back, friendly atmosphere which is perfect for hopping on after a long hard day at the office/school.

This server is hard enough for a seasoned veteran but still soft enough for a player with no experience at all. With this also comes a dedicated staff team willing to assist and help new players and answer questions from the seasoned pro.

We are also on top of griefing as well. We sport top of the line claims protection which can save your stuff in the case of an attempted grief. The staff team will investigate any griefs and when a player is griefed the player can submit tickets for our staff to take care of stuff that needs to be taken care of.

I appreciate your interest in our server and hope you find that your minecraft needs are met with us. Most of the current setup has been done by two - three individuals at times. So some things will not be available at open but will be worked on and added in as we go.

In order to join our server you will have to download, either the curse minecraft launcher, or the FTB launcher the Pack code(Provided below) will only need to be used from the FTB launcher if you go that route. Once downloaded you should have our server already listed under the multiplayer tab. IP is provided just incase.

Pack Code: 405372

Server IP:

Its that simple. I plan to make the last step a bit easier by updating the ip in the server listing in the future.

Thanks again for looking into our server, and we hope to see you soon.

Your Friend,

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