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Who are we?

Grucraft is a new server up and rising we run a FTB:Ultimate server. We have a very welcoming community so new players can jump right into the fun.

All the staff that we have is mature and willing to help you when possible!

We have a Factions/pvp world so players can raid and grief someone, but for the players who dont like that we also have a Non-pvp/grief world so you can build without being grieved !

Our server is hosted by a dedicated company so we are lag free and on 24/7!

+No whitelist (just join and get the fun started!)

  • Player Market (Sell the stuff you make or buy from other shopowners!)
  • Adminshop (Most of the basic stuff is available in the adminshop)
  • Factions (make your own faction or join a faction to play or fight with others)
  • Griefprevention plugin
  • Random Teleporter
  • Few banned items (for anti dupe/grief)
  • Votifier (get in-game cash and diamonds and earn one of the voting ranks!)


  • Faction world (Pvp and grief all you like)
  • Griefprevention world (no pvp/grief)
  • Mining world (access to quarry's and mining turtles!)
  • Mini-games world
  • The Nether world
  • The Twilight world
  • The End world

Visit us!

update 0.1
All players now have access to free machines in spawn!

  • Induction furnace
  • Rotatory macerator
  • Singularity compressor
  • Centrifuge extractor
  • plate bending machine
  • enchanting table
  • anvil

Thanks for reading this!

  • MyQe

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