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Direwolf20 1.18: (!!NEW!!)

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Techopolis: (!!NEW!!)

Enigmatica 6 Expert: (!!NEW!!)


FTB Oceanblock:
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FTB Revelation:


SkyFactory 4:
Project Ozone 3 - Normal:

Vanilla (!!NEW!!)

We strive to offer a server with extremely good up-times, minimal banned-items and custom features to make your experience that much better! A few examples of these custom features would be our completely custom vote system and website integration. Our custom vote system allows you to choose what you spend your votes on if that'd be claimblocks, currency or even ranks!

We will continue to add features from your suggestions and as we see solutions to problems that face us, please come join and enjoy yourself!


  • Many custom plugins and more being added all the time.
  • Custom vote system and tokenshop.
  • Various mod patches and changes to help performance.
  • Regular server backups and snapshots.
  • Very few banned items.
  • Very minimal lag.
  • Friendly and very helpful staff.
Forgot to put my server name in the other review, IT was for the SkyFactory 4 Server (H0nto).
Posted 12th Jun 2022
i gave a happy face what more do you want XD
Posted 17th Mar 2022
Good server as far as I can tell. Noticed no lag. Staff is friendly
Posted 6th Feb 2022
Fun server hub been playing on it off and on for a few years now
Posted 20th Apr 2020
Owner isnt interested in learning anything new. The staff is lazy or just uninterested. The server has been around for a few years but with the way its run you'd think they were new to this. If its not disabled its banned. Join if you want but the world is reset every few months so you wont have much of a legacy here if you like building large things. Cool name though.
Posted 14th Apr 2017
They removed very important parts of AE, the Gaia boss of Botania does not spawn, they disabled Refined Storage. Mods were disrespectful, I had two ME Drives full of Storage Cells stolen in "claimed" land and had zero support.
The server replied:

Only AE2 crafting has been disabled, and for clear explained reason. It simply causes too much lag to be usable on a public server. Gaia boss was not disabled by us, it's broken in the pack for a while on servers. Refined Storage is disabled for 2 reasons, it's very laggy on large servers and when used alongside AE2 has severe duping issues.

We explain all these things to users who ask and have them clearly marked in /banneditems where you can check upon joining. As for the disrespectful moderators and stolen property you made no attempt to contact an Administrator with your complaints about staff. Nor did you give a moderator or administrator opportunity to find who damaged your area. Claiming is not a guaranteed thing when it comes to mods some don't obey the restrictions, that's why we have lookup tools so we can find and ban these people.

Please contact us on our Discord if you have any further questions so your support request does not get lost in our very active chat.
Posted 14th Apr 2017
I am playing on ShadowNode for about 3 or 4 months now and I love the community. Recently it's more popular so we even got a few new servers! Of course with more players there will be a bit of lag at peak hours, but it's close to zero most of the time. Good and responsible admins and owner!
Posted 13th Apr 2017
So far has been a good server a few lag issues from time to time Shadowkitten is a pretty good server owner she could probably find better staff though as Main whom is a moderator was giving people some smart ass comments maybe a little more professionalism and being a bit more mature would help. All in all the server is generally good other then the odd server lag I enjoy my time on the server.
Posted 13th Apr 2017
No matter what I try, I keep getting mod rejection messages. I'm fully updated to the newest version and can join the hermitcraft portion of the server, but cannot access the beyond or beyond 2 part.
The server replied:

Please contact us through our Discord or Forum support channels for additional support, as of this review FTB Beyond is on version 1.4.2 please very you are on that version as it is the recommended version. We do not do support through reviews, for additional support contact us through our forum or through Discord.

Posted 13th Apr 2017
To be honest i joined Shadownode because the name is extremely attractive. I was not expecting it to be the fantastic server that it is. I play on the Beyond FTB pack and i enjoy exploring a lot of mods. For this reason i always have one problem or another that i need addressed by a staff member. On Shadownode I've must of contacted staff at least half a dozen times a week and the fantastic thing is that they always respond and actually think and work through my problem or suggestion. The server also doesn't have a shop where you can use irl currency to buy actual items that you would craft in the game. I personally think that's great and that it attracts and keeps a more professional and casual player base. All in all Shadownode is a fantastic server with a super high up time and a glorious name. I personally plan to be here a long time.
Posted 12th Apr 2017
Good server!

- Less Lags!
- lot of Player
- Chunkloader Plugin
- Active Mods / Admins
- Vote system
- Anti-Grief protect
- 24/7 Online
- Tokenshop
- Active Owner who help peoples with any Problems!
- Lot of Modpacks to Choose and every Time Uptodate
- Very good Support on Discord!

- Not all work fine but not a server fault!
- Singled players unfortunately never reply to questions but its ok.

So my conclusion:
I like to play it on this server, a lot of the people are always nice and friendly, the administrators and moderators help you always when you have a problem and you usually find a solution together that I like!
So if you want to have a good server since you just right here, and new players is always helped!

IG: R4ndomMaX
Posted 12th Apr 2017
I've played on many modded minecraft servers over the years, and recently joined this one, in my opinion this is the best server i've played on ever. The owner is always looking for ways to improve player experience, and she knows what she's doing.
Posted 10th Apr 2017
Rude Admins, horrific lag, refusal to take considerations, suggested clearlag and was told by a moderator that "Owner doesn't care if people leave due to lag". Spent $22 on this server to play for a week at 1tps. Mentioned the word refund, got banned. DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER, NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE.
The server replied:

You were banned after chargebacking your donation to our server. We have clear rules about this sort of thing, besides you seemed intent on trashing us any way you saw fit regardless. We put A LOT of effort and time into our servers often more than other servers. Lag is a part of life in Minecraft always has been and always will be, you will never find a server with 0 Lag but the difference is how that server manages it.

I hope you realize as you venture to these other servers how wrong you were, and how little some other servers care about the lag we put a lot of effort behind managing.

Have a nice day.
Posted 10th Apr 2017
thats the most taking care server, the staff is really real, its attractive! the only cons i'll figure out is the limit of the map which is a lil bit small for the number of players.
The server replied:

Thank you for the kind review! Our map has a border yes, however as it's utilised it is increased. If you have any further questions please ask a Staff member in game or contact us via our Discord.

Have fun!,

- ShadowNode
Posted 4th Apr 2017
Genuine owner active and quick to fix any issue i have seen so far. Pretty friendly player base willing to help others out shared chat between servers makes chat active without to much spam since there is a discord for that

Nether border feels abit small hard to get glowstone or blaze rods later in the month when first starting out after every ones raided it but monthly reset no doubt makes that better

over all enjoying this server definitely worth joining
The server replied:

Our borders are manually increased as resources diminish, as we are towards the end of the month most of the resources are picked clean. However secondary dimensions such as the Nether, Deep Dark, Mining World and so on are automatically reset on a month basis. With the end being reset every server restart, if you have any other questions please let us know.

- ShadowNode
Posted 15th Mar 2017
Overall a very well maintained server. The owner works to make the base modpack more stable, keep dupes down, etc.

TPS is almost always 20.

Some banned items due to bugs, dupes, or performance issues, notably chunk loaders are replaced by a slow to earn chunkloader plugin system

Population is very large normally, and quite friendly. Normally there are mods on as well
Posted 15th Mar 2017
The server runs smooth with little to no lag most of the time. They have little restrictions on what you can and cannot do which makes the modded minecraft experience a whole lot better. They have several friendly people who are there to have fun with a great staff. I would recommend this server to anyone.
- Best of Luck
Posted 11th Mar 2017
A very active, friendly community and staff with a stable, fun, server!
Highly recommended.
Posted 28th Jan 2017
10/10, Owner and staff are nice, players are nice, server runs well, dimensions are reset on a regular and reasonable basis all in all i like it :P
Posted 16th Jan 2017
its a very good server not many banned items good and active staff and a steady but still small player base come join if you want to have fun also looking for a team mate - shockwave939
Posted 26th Dec 2016