This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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EpiXia DireWolf20 | No Banned Items | Friendly Sta


This is EpiXia, a fun, new, opportunistic DireWolf20 FeedTheBeast server with a respectful and great community that has little restrictions and the best of plugins. So why not some try it out?

This server is completely dedicated to providing the best possible gameplay experience for our players, and everything you have to say is always considered. We strive to bring you to the best community you can find, so we do our best.

At the moment, the server is a growing community full of nice people who are awaiting new players every day. We clear lag the best we can to make sure you don't have to wait to do anything. If there is lag, it will be fixed.

The server is always up and always running so you can play with no lag for as long as you want, 24/7.

In order to apply, visit our site at to apply for the whitelist. The reason we use the enjin site is because it makes it more convenient to have all the apps in one place.

This server has many plugins to help players along their way in their game and there are always admins there to help you with whatever you need and come to your aid. It runs on a custom built jar to handle plugins and mods at the same time.


  • Use common sense.
  • Be respectful.
  • No griefing.
  • No PvP.
  • No excessive profanity.
  • No stealing or raiding.
  • No exploting.
  • No client "hacks."
  • Do not intentionally lag or crash the server.
  • Have fun! Or else.

Banned items:

  • Mystcraft. So many worlds being generated so quickly can slaughter a server's respond time and cause massive lag.
  • All chunk holders. This only applies to items DESIGNED to hold chunks and only hold chunks. Quarries are fine.
  • Do not use portal guns or gravity guns within 300 blocks of spawn.
  • Do not build within 300 blocks of spawn.


We look forward to meeting you. See you soon!

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