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We are a Dedicated 90% lag free FTB server hub! Lets face it, all large modpacks have issues. We here at Chaos Dragons work hard daily to bring New and Veteran players alike the best experience possible. We run custom plugins backed by knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Our staff members and owners play daily, so we are always here to help! We treat all players equally and strive to give the players what they want. We have very few banned items and a player-based economy.

  • 4 Core Hyper-Threaded Intel I7 4,4 GHz
  • 32 GB of DDR3
  • 2 x240GB SSD
  • Solid 1 Gigabit connection
  • This Server is brought to you by ChaosDragons
  • Dedicated Bungee cord server network!

No grief, no raid, PVP server. We use Grief prevention and have special items for our veterans players. We have time based ranks.


Project Ozone 2:

I have been playing Minecraft since the days of MC.1.2.8 bata,

And played on a lot of networks, even created some of my own.

But after joining almost 2 years ago, I must say out of all the servers I have played on there is no one better

Very Friendly Staff
Grief free
90% Lag free
24/7 Up/time
Nice community
Hosting The most popular mod-packs and even some custom packs as well

If you are respectful and follow the rules,
You will make some real friends to last a lifetime

for more info please visit
Posted 3rd Jul 2017