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Shape The Cube

pin_drop (private server)

Get Whitelisted
We are a whitelist community. To play on our servers you need to register on our website and apply for getting whitelisted. Being whitelisted on our website grants you access to all our Minecraft servers.

Modpacks we host
-Age of Engineering
-Shape The Cube Modpack (Our own personal modpack)
-All The Mods 3
-FoolCraft 1.10.2

Discord Voice Chat Server
All our Minecraft servers are linked with our Discord server. If you want to chat to us or get whitelisted quickly this is the place to be, just keep in mind that when you join our Discord server for the first time you will need to wait 10 minutes before granted permission to write.
Invite link can be found on our website:

Server Rules
Our rules are located on our website and are accessible to public:

Banned Items
We keep our banned items lists as small as possible if not entirely empty. Banned items list for each server can be found on our forum that is accessible to whitelisted members.

About our servers
For now we run modded Minecraft servers but a semi vanilla network is in works (factions, towny, mini games, creative).
All our servers are being backed up on a hourly basis so in case something happens we have it fully covered.
We take griefing very seriously and if we do encounter someone stealing he will get permanently banned from our community without an option to return.

You guys might want to update your info on this list. It says you host a Regrowth server, but your website does not list that mudpack.
The server replied:
Thank you for the review and we have updated the information.
Posted 26th Feb 2018
Responses to the reviews look extremely unprofessional (when the review itself was criticizing how rude and immature the staff is). It says that they have an Infinity server here, but there's no info about it on the website.

Won't be playing on this server.
The server replied:
Thank you whoever you are for letting us know to update our information much appreciated I am not too overly concerned with your review with well over 1000 members to date who do enjoy our server I much rather cater for those who are members of our community than some faceless person that has not even been apart of our community, You you have a nice day.
Posted 16th Jan 2018
iv been a member of Shape The Cube for a little over a year and its one of the best communities i have ever been a part of. Iv made countless new friends to enjoy my gaming day with ever since i joined and i wouldn't trade the world for all the fun experiences iv had because its not just a community everyone is treated like a family always there for you when u need them. In my opinion i wouldn't trade it for the world

All members of the server are super friendly always willing to help anyone in need no matter how small or big the favor. The server uses FTB Util. to help with protecting your items, but everyone is so friendly that there is basicly no need to use them iv never even had a single piece of dirt taken from my items without someone asking for permission first. Its a rarity to find such friendly communities nowadays it makes me truly impressed.

the staff is amazing they openly ask for player input, requests, and ideas to help better the community and do the best they can to give what the players want.

if any issues arise help can be received in almost an instant unlike some other servers iv been on it can take up to hours some times even days which can be annoying but not with STC.

The reliability of the servers are amazing only 2 restarts a day and at very convenient times as to not bother anyone. When there is a update to the pack its always quick and everyone in the community is always aware beforehand and it never takes more then a couple min to have the server update everything is quick, easy, and painless as to keep server up-time to the utmost max

so overall in general my score would definetly be
there is no doubt about it.

Posted 2nd Nov 2017
Its an amazing server but i got perm banned for making an rftools dimension which i didn't use to my advantage.
also the rules page is so long
The server replied:
Irrespective of whether you used the dimensions to your own advantage you still read the rules and agreed to them on your whitelist application. As it states on our rules page making custom dimensions without approval will cost you a ban.
Posted 16th Aug 2017
I love the server; lots of friendly people and the staff keep things a bit more "grownup" than I have seen other places. Very enjoyable!!!
Posted 11th Jul 2017
Amazing server. never get any lag, great community, can havae a laugh and a joke with them and we all get along. absolutely love it!!
Posted 21st Jun 2017
Server owner is immature and rude.
The server replied:
Which of the owners where your referring to?
Posted 11th Mar 2017
This is a great server! I've been on shape the cube for just a little over 10 days and the Staff towards me have been incredibly welcoming have helped me with any problem I've had , the players are very helpful and friendly especially since it's a white list server, i would feel very comfortable leaving the chunk protection off the FTB utilities gives the player!

The server is hosted in Canada and i Live in Australia and i've had no block lag no rubber banding this would have to be one of the smoothest servers i've played on! i'm always very sceptical on playing on US based servers etc because of my 250ms but have had 0 problems on here :)

If you're looking for a great white list server with over 5 mod packs to choose from this is definitely the server you should apply too!

Thanks for the great server Bubbles, Atoru and staff

Posted 16th Feb 2017
Great Server great staff that keep the childish and immature kids out of the community. Absolutely no grief due to the zero tolerance to any form of grief. The application weeds out the bad players and keeps the decent players in. Server all 6 of them are lag free and fun to play. Very rare to see them ban players but when they do the player has had numerous warnings and been given plenty of chances to change how they behave on the server.
Posted 15th Feb 2017
I loved this server. Best thing ever. But then, I got banned, For saying kys, along with other small things. They were all meant to be a joke. Like, damn! They try to ip ban me from the enjin, but fail. I have this thing called a vpn. The staff are nice, though very passive aggressive. Although all of this, the community is nice. I have apologized, not wanting in at the time, though they decide to look up universal comebacks on reddit, copy and paste them, then send them to me.
The server replied:
You were banned for more than simply kys jokes :) we overlooked a fair amount of issue that arose from you proof below this does not include the abusive private messages. Emittance we do hope you find a server that will put up with your childish behaviour but we wont tolerate it on our network.
Posted 12th Feb 2017
The server seems to have a nice, friendly community but the need of having to apply for being whitelisted and then donate to play on the Hermitcraft server seems a little overkill to me, and the fact that the price is so high to play on a single minecraft server might kill the server instead of granting players and income.
The server replied:
Thank you for the slightly inaccurate review we never made it the only option to play on one of the 4 servers we had at the time it was either 15 dollar donation or play on one of our other servers for a month which now to date is no longer a thing. As for our application process it is actually something that attracts most of our players as they see it a great filter for weeding out the ones we really do not wish to be part of our growing community. I find it disheartening that you felt to make an inaccurate review.
Posted 5th Dec 2016
Hard to find a decent server like this!

Staff are 10/10 and interactive and always willing to help.

Modpacks for everyone and quite an active player base

10/10 server!
Posted 28th Nov 2016
Great server with an active community with members online 24/7 from around the globe. Community is mature and respectful and often times very helpful in either learning a new mod or working on large projects in game.

Owners/Mods are constantly involving the community to develop the servers further through voting and opinion polls on any major updates or changes.
Posted 28th Nov 2016
Best server that I've ever been with. The staff is on almost all the time, and if not, there is always a helpful soul around. People are nice and there is a modpack for anyone. Mature server and cookies all around! :D
Posted 28th Nov 2016
Disrespectful staff, dead server 24/7.
The server replied:
Hi! Don't know what happened to you to write such a pointless review as our server is definitely not dead (not even a minute per day)
Posted 22nd Nov 2016