This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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This server is based on FTB-Infinity!
Always recomended build!


  1. Be respectfull to players and staff!
  2. Do not cheat or use hacks!
  3. No griefing!
  4. No spamming in chat!

Breaking one of these rules will end in a ban!

Our server is located in Canada, but that is no problem for Euorpeans, our hosters have 6 datacenters some of them are based in Europe and some of them are in USA! With 2 Gbps connection and 480 Gbps DDoS protection!

We have restarts every 12 hours, this allows the Random Access Memory or RAM to "reset" clearing out uselsess and old data logged from when our players have disconnected, unloaded chunks, and entities, etc.

Website is under construction!

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