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1.1.2 BoP - Hardcore Unleashed - Separating the me


Unleashed 1.1.3 is bugged. Stay on 1.1.2 for now

8/14/13 update:

  • Homes and TPA have a 30 minute Cool Down

-Add Biomes O Plenty and Power Converters

Make sure you add the BoP file from 1.1.3 to your 1.1.2

100% Free to Play. No BS pay to win EVER!

Super Hard Mode! I'm sure you don't have what it takes.

Opening an mature Unleashed server. Mobs are stronger and most mods have difficulty increased.

Just starting up. We will not allow any Bullshit from the weak.

This place is not for crybabies. The mobs have 2 to 3 times HP and damage. Food is the first thing you will want to secure. Your hunger bar runs out much quicker.


Banned Items:
Crystal Chest

Donations? Heck no:
100% Free to play and no STUPID donater perks!!

Member Req?:
None really. We prefer mature and will ban immature.

We are new!:
We are a new server. Lots of room to expand. The server is an i7 3770K with 32gb Ram on a beastly internet.

Voice Chat?:
Ventrillo. KOG. NASCAR Online, Eve Online, League of Legends, Minecraft, Golf, etc.
port: 4108
no pass.

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