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EntireCraft FTB Unleashed


General Information

EntireCraft is agaming community dedicated to provide a high quality online gaming experience for gamers from all around the world.We have just opened our FTB Server to the public and currently it is not very populated.This gives an opportunity to new players to come on our server and learn how to play, mine new resources and build simple or complex contraptions.


The server is Pure Survival PvE with the difficulty set on Normal.
Players who want to survive against the nature together with their friends or alone are welcomed.Players who just want to build and socialize with others are also welcomed.

The server has a greylist enabled so players are protected from griefers.

You can join the server and explore, but you won't be able to build until you get promoted.This small process is to ensure
that new players want to involve in the server, and not just come on and start griefing.

The server also has LWC so you can protect your belongings and Residence to protect your home.
WorldGuard is also available for donators who want to create cities for other players.

Items that have known bugs or that can be used for griefing are banned to ensure that nobody gets an unfair advantage over other players.

Enable the following mods before joining:

Xeno's Reliquary
Vender Block

How to join

In order to get building rights on our server,please follow the steps written on our forum post here.

The server IP is:


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