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Supertroopers [MagicFarm 2] [PVP] [50 Slot] [Towny


Magicfarm2 from FTB modded server. Runs from a data center off ramdisk. High Powered for 50+people.

SuperTroopers is a gaming clan that has been around for over 10 years as of May 2013. We originated in Planetside 1 in May 2003 and have put a heavy emphasis on team based tactics in every game we’ve played since then.

We are a PvP server that is looking for a core group a people to experience the survivalpvp with us on our MagicFarm 2 server.

The majority of our members are in the US East timezone; however, we have a good bit of members on the west coast as well as some even outside the US. We utilize our Teamspeak server pretty heavily to converse with each other.

The Rules:
1: Dont be a dick.
2: Dont exploit bugs if found. Report them for a reward.
3: Hackers will be banned ASAP.
4: Kill, steal, gank, troll, greif. Anyway you can. (Dont bypass towny protections.)* See rule 2.

*Thaumcraft 4 wands Blood magic bound items, can not be used to break blocks in other peoples town’s! If caught doing this you will ruin other people’s fun, by banning you and having the items removed.

What you can expect from us:

SuperTroopers has always been a group where you can log in game, team up with us and youre guaranteed to have fun in some way. We aim to make the gaming experience as positive as possible. While youre joining through Minecraft it doesnt end there you also gain access to all the other games we play and will play in the future. We work together as a team, we practice and fine tune our skills and strategies together as a team. To make the game a fun and enjoyable experience, it is important we all know how each of us ticks. To know how to engage a target together as a group and know our roles as best we can. So when you join Supertroopers, youre not just joining a group of gamers, but gamers seeking perfection, top notch skill sets and excellent team work.

Server Features:

Our server is ran off of ramdisk, with 24GB Ram in a high powered data center. We strive to at least have a 97% uptime, with only down time for 30 min each day for a full backup early morning.

We are developing features that allow our server to directly interface with our forums. Some of the features we are working on right now. Please Note: Some are available now, others coming soon.

Web Auction – All auctions take place once logging into your forums account, you can search for items, blocks, anything in the modded pack, and buy it out. Money goes strait to your account and items delivered to your mailbox in spawn town.

Web Mission system – A system where you can request actions done and pay people once they are complete. Some of the missions you will be able to do.

1: Gather X
2: Kill X
3: Craft X
4: More to come

Stats section displaying:

Top Kills(Player)
Top Kills(Town)
Top Kills(Nation)
Top Noob Kills(Player kills player with low playtime)
Top Killstreak(player)
Top Deaths(Player)
Top Money
Top Money earned from PVP
Top Money earned from Missions
Top Money earned from Auctions

We also have most of the features in game as of this moment. And more to come.

Plugins installed on server: Towny, Fe, PvPStats, Authme, Endreset, WorldBorder

Server IP Address - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

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