This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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A smaller community mindcrack server 40 slots low item bans, cheap donation perks and friendly staff.

Rules: #1 No Griefing

2 No hacks/exploiting

       #3 Don't spam chat
       #4 Don't harass other players 
       #5 Dont be immature/no whining

Banned Items: Quarry,Anchors,Charge-station's,Architect Table,Builder,Blueprint Library,Terraformer,Tesla Coil,Rainmaker,All types of explosives,Wand of equal trade,Crumble Horn,Mining Laser,Turret's,Tunnle Bore,Wand of Excavation,Wand of Frost,Computer Controlled Crafter,Canvas Bag,Uncrafting Table,Vajra,Turtle's.

Plugins: LoadControl,World Boarder,SimpleBackup,AutoMessage,Worldedit,Vault,SimpleHelpTickets,PEX,ChunkSpawnerLimiter,GriefPrevention,LogBlock,Votifier,WorldGuard,MCBans,Essentials, Among a few others.

Server Description This Server was made by the owners of the Youtube channel Eotots. [] The server opens you up in a small spawn with some rules and info. It is a basic Grief prevention server where we welcome anyone to come and make a base! The server includes a public Teamspeak 3 server.

Server Time The Server and Teamspeak are up 24/7

Community The community is great, the owners/admins/mods are on every day and in the Teamspeak talking all the time. We accept any type of players,Mindcrack veterans or people new to Mindcrack. Events happen from time to time and everyone is friendly.

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