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PhoenixDen | 24/7 | Open | Accepting Staff Apps

The Direwolf20 portal

The Direwolf20 portal

The Direwolf20 portal in our lobby
Our old Direwolf20 Spawn

Our old Direwolf20 Spawn

Banned Items can be found in-game by doing /banneditems in-game || ||
Owners: Tyler2k15, Tboosa
Administrators: Grimlock7, fFIRE332A,
Packs: Pixelmon Reforged, FTB Continuum {Latest Recommended, MC Version 1.12}
Game Mode: Survival
Whitelisting Status: Open
Voice Server IP:

We always update to recommended builds.

Processor: Intel Xeon E5-1620 (4c/8t)
Frequency: 3.6GHz /3.8GHz
2 x 2TB HDD Soft Raid

Server Summary:
Thank you for taking your time to check out our server! We are a fairly new and uprising Modded Community from the ashes of the successful network, Tronopolis.
We are using GPP to protect your towns!
See the rules in-game or website for more information!
Voting for our server rewards you with in-game rewards and crate keys
Server shop with a diverse set of ranks to choose from

This server is quite amazing! There's no lag at all. The staff are very active and super responsive. It's quiet most times, although I'd love to see it more noisy with new players. The Discord is active and you can talk to the in-game chat from discord! This server is a definite 5/5.
Posted 8th May 2018
Great server and staff! Their discord community is active and staff respond to inquiries very quickly!
Posted 19th Dec 2017