This server has been banned from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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SkyFactory3 by CraftersLand [Economy|Clans|Crates]

Server Spawn

Server Spawn

CraftersLand Community is more then 4 years old, we have multiple servers of Minecraft, we will provide you with good, quality minecraft servers so we can all have fun and play. Our SkyFactory server was first time opened on the very first modpack release on SkyFactory1, then SkyFactory2. Our server is here to last! Come and play.

Server Features:

No whitelist, just connect and play.
Economy - Spawn Shops, Player's Market and Auctions.
Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
Daily Backups.
Ban list website.
Helpful staff.
Few items banned (List on server spawn)
Hosted in Data Center in Germany
Dedicated Server Online 24/7.
Clans and PvP.
Crates and Rewards.

I love this server! Everything is cool! The staffs, community, rewards, and the economy! The only thing that made me give 4 star and not 5, is that you cant sell items to the server, only to other players.

Ingame name: Marius_t_h
Posted 17th Jan 2019
big nice spice a lot on this server makes skyfactory easy and lots of friends people
Posted 15th Jan 2019
Great server overall! Verry friendly and helpfull staff aswell! :D
Posted 13th Jan 2019
Good server to waste your time with friends
Posted 10th Jan 2019
this server is incredibly good barely ever lag and really helpful people everywhere
Posted 9th Jan 2019
this is a good minecraft skyfactory 3 server i rate i good

= nevvsonthebeat
Posted 28th Dec 2018
Great server! minimal lag, helpful staff and all round friendly people. love this server!

Come say hi!

Posted 22nd Dec 2018
Different from the typical SkyBlock servers but very fun. The players are great for the most part but like everywhere you have your trolls. Give it a try.
Posted 21st Dec 2018
the server is realy good but it can lag if it is to many people online but overall a very good server to play whit friends.
Posted 26th Nov 2018
Very nice SkyBlock Server and nice Things. No Lags!
Posted 20th Nov 2018
I downloaded this mod pack to play with one of my buddies, we found this server and decided to give it a try. We instantly fell in love with the server and mod pack. The server adds some perks that can help you out but also the mod pack remains challenging. A lot of the people on the server even help you out too. If it weren't for this server me and my friend couldn't play and the community has helped us overcome some of the challenges we had with this mod since we were new at it.
Posted 19th Nov 2018
The server Is great! Im currently learning my brother playing the game. Both him and me think the server is super fun and entertaining. The server is a bit laggy sometimes but gets reset. My ign to claim my reward is LoIIe. its with Lo(ii)e since when I made the account 2 L's was already taken.
Posted 16th Nov 2018
Fun server with a great community helpful staff with discord to contact if they aren't online IGN is: Propally
Posted 15th Oct 2018
Best SkyFactory server ever

Posted 7th Oct 2018
This is a fun server. Everyone on it is nice and willing to help if you get stuck or need an item. It can be a little laggy at times but overall one of the best-modded servers I have been on.
Posted 17th Sep 2018
the server is really good people on the server really friendly
Posted 9th Sep 2018
Fun server, Amazing players and staff. Really chill and awesome to play on, highly recommend if you want some nice people to play with. IGN HarponyFoss
Posted 16th Aug 2018
Friendly community and the server is decent itself (Not a large amount of lag)
IGN: 3lliott13
Posted 6th Aug 2018
its fun because i can play mods with my buddies.
Posted 1st Aug 2018
Very friendly staff and members! IGN: SlyStorm2608
Posted 30th Jul 2018
Love the server great community and good reward system. minecraft username: HEASMAN
Posted 30th Jul 2018
Server is great. Love the reward system.
Posted 27th Jul 2018
this server is the best but the grind is real
Posted 2nd Jul 2018
Sever is Really Fun Great Community But A Little Bit Of Lag Here but Other wise Great Sever IGN: lifekill
Posted 26th Jun 2018
this is a really friendly server with lots of people helping one another not lots of ways to get money in game other than trading with others some lag here and there but its well worth playing the server with all the friendly players. hope to see you in game.
:IGN Pixel_Man_
Posted 13th Jun 2018
Posted 12th Jun 2018
very fun and balanced server
Posted 28th Apr 2018
Really like the server so far, people are helpful, and active players.

IGN - smeelicious
Posted 19th Mar 2018
The players are very helpful. I'm new to Skyfactory and it's nice to be on a server with experienced players to explain things to me.
Posted 15th Mar 2018
Is a nice server where u can challenge ur limits and imaginations, play with friends... building awesome systems and monuments... fighting against powerful enemies and also players.

nick: Josh029
Posted 28th Feb 2018
I only play sky factory 3 , and it's really fun to play :D

Ign: parceval55
Posted 28th Feb 2018
good, persons in side are nice. help a lot server is not lagging.
Posted 21st Feb 2018
This is the server for people who don't want to stick to the old way of playing the pack. Now you can sell your resources and buy the ones you are having trouble obtaining. Nice Economy here.
Posted 18th Feb 2018
Server is about trying to expand with mods an example: SkyBlock, but better.
Very good server, sometimes players try to lag the server, but it's ok.

Posted 17th Feb 2018
Little laggy at times but has a nice community and very small blocked items list

IGN: UKI_x_Novaz
Posted 17th Feb 2018
Good server,good admins,good players.

IGN: EpickeYT
Posted 13th Feb 2018
uses the great mod-pack sky-factory 3 with balanced plugins to grant a smooth but not too grindy game-play. i would recommend to all skyfactory lovers who also like a little teamwork here and there
Posted 12th Feb 2018
Love the server,very fun -MrTacoBell23
Posted 1st Feb 2018
Server has a medium-sized community on the SF3 server of around 20-30 main people. I'd highly recommend this server to new players and people who want to be part of a friendly community.

Sometimes TPS can be a bit of an issue, but only at peak hours which aren't too long.

This server has a nice economy, helpful staff/players, and just a lot of cool features like no wither greifing that make the pack and the server more interesting.

IGN: Anoraki
Posted 27th Jan 2018
bit laggy at peak times but good server

IGN: TitanicBoss
Posted 17th Jan 2018
Good and nice server,

With regards SophieMarceau
Posted 2nd Jan 2018
Best sf3 server with best staff
IGN : Salt4u
Posted 29th Dec 2017
One of the best server little lags but ok with low player :D all another server are bad

IGN: ZekuNeko
Posted 25th Dec 2017
Great server with little to no lag, great rewards, and an amazing community.

IGN: BeOriginal
Posted 24th Dec 2017
Great server. Stable, Balanced, Lag Free. Wonderful quality hosting. 5/5 Best SF3 out there.

IGN: Jayitreon
Posted 6th Dec 2017
Fun and Stable server. Community is helpful. Would recommend.

IGN: Eequinox
Posted 1st Dec 2017
Although I have only played on this server for a few hours, I feel the need to say that it is a great and enjoyable one. Unlike other servers, the staff and the people respond to my questions and help me.
My rating:
Experience: 4/5

IGN: TeachMeTheWays
Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Even though the server went public only recently, (and maybe because of that.. since theres not that many op players) its quite fun and the community is friendly. Highly recommend to give it a shot.
Ign: Finkz
Posted 21st Nov 2017