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Hey there,

my Server is built pretty simple... only a few banned items and only 5 rules.

Yep you just read it right: 5 Rules, only this 5 ensure that you can play just as you want without having to worry about anything.

Modpack Version: FTB Infinity 1.3.4

Well how about i just list up the Banned items?

Banned for grief protection:
Minng Laser,
Plasma Launcher,
Quarry (Use EnderQuarry instead),
Brew of Vines,
Brew of Webs,
Brew of Thorns,
Brew of Ink,
Brew of Sprouting,
Brew of Racing,
Brew of Erosion,
Brew of Frost,
Wand Focus: Equal Trade,
Wand Focus Efreet's Flame,
Wand Focus: Warding,
All Drawbridges,

Banned for World Corruption:
Architect Table,

Wand Focus: EnderRift,

Avoid PvP protection:
Wand Focus: ShadowBeam,
Bane of Pigs (1Million DMG is way too much),
InfiMiner (21Million DMG is even more too much),

Well thats it with the Banned Items... not that much, right? ^^

now for the Rules:

  1. First of all: Don't be a Dick. Don't Grief.
  2. Admin have their Ranks for a reason, listen to them.
  3. Don't even try to use Banned Items, its not possible.
  4. Play fair. Because this Server has PvP enabled.
  5. Thats it! Have fun.

Well thats it from me.

If you wanna play then youre wellcome.

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