This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Eirinncraft is a Direwolf20 server. A no grief/no pvp server. Eirinncraft DW20 is the newest addition to the Eirinncraft Community. Staff has 2 years experience. Understanding that every community member is important.

DW20 is geared twords offering you a safe enviroment to play and create. With anti-grief plugins to protect all of your builds. Eirinncraft is a one of a kind, unique community. All mods are enabled on this server. Including Mystcraft and Portals.


  1. No griefing/stealing/raiding/pvp
  2. Don't be a jerk
  3. Respect other players
  4. No glitching/duping
  5. No client side hacks or mods
  6. Use common sense


  1. Guest - How you spawn in
  2. Tourist - Assigned after application is approved
  3. Builder - Automatically assigned after three (3) hours of in game play
  4. Trusted - Member of the community trusted by staff


There are no mods that are disabled on this server. Personal Mystcraft world generation is currently off. Although, world portals are available for public use at spawn. Mining Lasers are turned off. Personal World Anchors are available for member construction and use. World anchors and chunk loaders are restricted to donator ranks.

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