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Trident: Well as i have planned we will be able too release trident withing the next 10 hours =D We have got it all planned out and i think its going to be heaps of fun.

Current Features:

1) Team selection: Upon joining you will be able too pick either the red or the blue team and once clickin gthe button you will be able too use /F join blue/red and after this you will no longer be able to team switch so make a wise choice and please try too keep teams balanced.

2) The map: Currently the map contains 2 presetup bases where teams will spawn. They both contain a hanger where planes/helicopters can be purchased and a small runway for you too take off. You cannot build in this rectangular area but once you step outside you can begin to fortify your base. Also there is currently 1 gun store and 1 supply store on the map but more will be built as time goes on.

3) Events: Basically there will be 2-3 "Event Managers" who when online will be running missions with high risk factor and high reward (More on this later)

Planned Features:

1) "Independants" These will be a third group that you can join which means you are on no team at all.. you can build where you want and kill anyone even other independants. this will be implemented when the server has grown enough for it too balance out with the red/blue team counts.

2) More prebuilt areas maybe having small towns built with more traders etc this will be easily implemented if custom npcs are added into the game but without them i think it can still be achieved but probably wont be as cool.

3) Take user suggestions into concideration and build the server so everyone can enjoy it! (feel free too suggest stuff)

How the game will work: (Open too suggestion) What i ws thinking is having 2-3 weeks of no raiding bases and then on the final week turning off protections so the in the first few weeks you have time to prepare the bases and make them to the best of your abilities. After this its free game and the team with the most destruction caused will be the winner. (Maybe they will start with a few helies or whatever next round). Any questions please ask!

Ranks: Upon joining you will be unassigned and once picking a team you will rank up with playtime and kills! There are 7 ranks and they can all be optained without donation.

Donations: Instead of ranks there are kits these kits will be with you forever even after resets all of them have cooldowns ranging from 1 day to 1 week more info will come out for these soon.

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