This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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cha0scraft hosting FTB Beyond



There isn't any BS here, you don't have to "vote" to claim chunks, etc. The only requirement is that you not be a huge jerk. ;)

The server is running a mostly unmodified Beyond pack on version 1.10.

Oh and although some seem to think of it as a feature, I will say the opposite: NO SPONGE ON THIS SERVER!! I have lost many hours to servers that crumbled under all the ways that sponge is seemingly incompatible with many of the big mods in these packs. Sorry not sorry, spongies.

It is a brand new server, so you will get to chart your own path! The worldspawn area is very safe and serene!

Server specs:

Host       |
RAM        |  16GB
CPU        |  Intel  I7-4790K (Quad core)
Disk       |  200 GB SSD
Bandwidth  |  500Mbps

There is a Discord server synchronized with Minecraft. Chat back and forth between chat and in-game! You can join the Discord server here:


  • Redpower project bench currently has a trivial dupe bug, so it's been disabled.
  • Teleportation commands -- /home, /spawn, /back have all been removed. Please plan your adventures accordingly, and feel the rush of actually taking some risks! ;)


The few things I remove or tweak are in the interest of keeping the game exciting and stable. I have played on too many servers that crumbled apart because they simply couldn't solve the tech aspects despite claiming professional management: constant crashes, weird bugs that no one could fix, etc. I am dedicated to preventing a frustrating experience like that. I will explicitly restrict items or blocks if it's necessary to maintain a working environment for everyone to play. I hate to do it, but I will.

Please always feel free to ask questions or make requests. I like being responsive. I am generally very quick to solve any problems that arise on the server.

My dedication levels:

  • Yesterday I wrote my first Java code and learned how to do some basic Forge coding just to fix an issue in FTB Utilities that was keeping me from giving new players a nice book on the server.
  • I have manually edited NBT of broken storage systems, broken player inventories, etc. Usually without the player losing anything in the process.
  • I love playing, so I'll be around a lot just to answer actual in game Minecraft questions a lot of the time as well.

So yeah, I'm going to do my very best to keep the place running, and running well.

Come visit!

One last time, the host is See you there!

Nice server, pretty much no lag, and no stupid restrictions like on many modded server, it feels really true to the singleplayer modpack. It just needs more people playing on it, so I hope this review helps bringing some new players :D
Posted 5th Dec 2017
This server has a great community, full of helpful people at all levels of creation.
Very few are standoffish and most will answer any question asked. The attached discord channel is useful because even if they aren't in game senior players will still be able to see if someone is stuck on something and offer assistance.
Server restarts every 6 hours, and is usually back up in less than a minute.
Definitely recommend playing on this server.
Posted 22nd Aug 2017