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The Rising Sun Modded

The Rising Sun Modded


The Rising Sun Modded

A few things to note:
We really despise hackers, pseudo-hackers, raiders, and griefers(though we have lots of fun trolling them).
Land Claims are enabled to keep people out of your stuff.
Spammers and advertisers violate our laws just by existing.
Everybody has to join the forums to get player rank, its a rite of passage.
You get random junk for voting and it is awesome.
We're set to Difficulty 3, so.... have fun dying.
We run normal mode Infinity, so you can build lots of stuff.
There is a restart every 6 hours, expect to get kicked.

If you don't mind the above, come join us.


List of Ranks

List of Rules

Obtaining Player Rank

Our Teamspeak server:

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