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A friendly, FTB Infinity server( 1.1.0). We aim to have a small community of about 10-15 people on at a time. Our goals aren't to have the biggest and best server around, but rather a server where everyone knows each other, talks and jokes, and does things together. We want everyone who joins to have a peace of mind where they can log off without worrying about their stuff, and log in to a friendly group of people and not a mass of names they don't know or care about.

We have a few commands every user can use, to make getting around easier, including /spawn, /home, /tpa, /back. We also have keep inventory on and mob griefing off.

We also realize that no matter how much we want it, real security comes from anti-grief protection. This is why we use the golden shovel to claim lands. Don't worry about your chest or blocks with this.

We are currently accepting ten new people to our server. Once you log into the server, your name will be added to a white list. After we get around ten players added, we will reboot the server and employ the whitelist so we won't have a massive influx of people afterwards.

Currently there is zero lag on the server, but if it gets to a point where there is lag, we'll upgrade the server to fix this.

Our rules are simple:
Don't Grief,
Don't Steal (if a player chest is unprotected for some reason, it doesn't mean it's free for everyone)
No PKing (duels are acceptable if both parties agree)
Be open minded of everyone: including sexuality, religion, and race.
Be considerate with placement of quarries, and cover them when done. No one likes giant holes in the ground everywhere.

Banned items:
Mystcraft and Runic dungeon stuff, they crash the server and potentially corrupt your character data if you get a glitchy item in your inventory. That means we'd have to clear your inventory, and nobody wants that + crashes !

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