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#1 Skyfactory 4 Server - Economy - Prestige


Prestige mode enabled

24/7 Survival PvE Skyfactory 4 Server


  • Join and Play! No sign-up.
  • Keepinventory is enabled. You will not lose your items in the overworld!
  • Player Shops (Sells your plots or buy plots on the market)
  • Autosell cobble/dirt/gravel for shekels automatically
  • Jobs (Miner, digger and more)
  • Loan shekels from the server!
  • Griefprevention + Towns
  • Taxes Plugin (Town Tax, Shop Tax, Claim Tax)
  • Public lava/charge stations
  • Lottery! (Buy lotto tickets)
  • Auction System! Sell your items via auctions!
  • Make clans and show off your clan name as your prefix!
  • Not a hub server.


  • /back
  • /sethome
  • /home
  • /rtp (random teleport)
  • /tpa (teleport to a friend)
  • /loan
  • /buyclaimblocks
  • /vm on & off
  • /marry
  • /auction
  • and much more!

Download the launcher here:
Modpack: Skyfactory 4 1.12.2
Modpack Version: 4.2.2 (Latest)

If you have problems connecting or updating your client, join discord,

Owned by a trash of a server owner who's only in it for the money to buy more of what I assume are the drugs he has to be on to have such a bad attitude towards players. Also stole packs from ftb and sf4 and uploaded em to technic and claimed they were his only to get extra advertisement. After packs were removed he made a discord announcement saying "Technic is closing down" but later removed this statement and redirected people to curseforge.

Posted 15th Dec 2020
These guys steal packs on Technic and add a single mod to it to avoid most reports, It's as bad as the Pixelmon spam a year ago, annoying as it fucks with the listings and rankings that take people forever to get up on.

The owner is abusive twords his players, or at least is unrestrained with his vitriol when they annoy him. Avoid this server, there are plenty of alternatives such as Golden Sands, BacoNetwork, Kinetic Network, and Shadownode.
Posted 10th Dec 2020
Best server i played on but most abusive owner sign my petition to get swag removed from staff
Posted 21st Jul 2020
Got banned by a guy called swag something. I didn't even do anything or break any rule! Avoid!!!!
Posted 1st Jul 2020
Owner is mean and bans you if you report an exploit. Instead of fixing it for future explotiers they just ban you. Do not recommend. I tried talking to him in game and he just banned me. 0/10 experience
Posted 1st Jul 2020
You can get banned without breaking any rules. I was asking an Admin if using a macro to sell wood is okay, the admin said Yes. The other admin didnt believe me and permabanned me without even checking if i was lying. I have screenshots that proof this.

DONT waste your time or even real money on this server. I lost 30$ for following the rules and even got insulted by the admin for that. If you want screenshots as proof: YuumiSan#6175 is my discord tag
Posted 1st Jul 2020
I was banned for complaining about there being NO Jungle biome on the map, after 150 plus hours of playtime almost a server I would say is a great server in years... has an absolutely Lunatic Server owner who bans you for asking question he doesn't want to answer. I would not join this server. Horrible staff Horrible owners.
Posted 14th Jun 2019
Seriously HORRIBLE staff in this server.... Why does anyone play here? Did a ban wave happen recently or something? Months of playing and suddenly, gone... I shouldn't be this attached over a minecraft server but I didn't think this place was so bad until recently. It went hot to cold so fast and I can't do anything about it because I can't connect... maybe they closed down the server....
Posted 10th Jun 2019
laggiest server i have ever played on... tried to talk to staff and was warned in discord not to bring up anything or ill get in trouble then played for another week and saw people leaving left and right and saw the reviews here and got scared i tried logging on today and cuouldnt so i quit i guess its not a good server and i didnt really have fun anyways
Posted 10th Jun 2019
This is a perfect example of a server run by a dude that never figured out how to treat people correctly in life. Poor selfish lad just bullies and bans people still, it seems. He some basement dwelling psychopath named Swagella and three months ago he banned me and my friends from here when we were trying to find a nice server to start over in and they claimed we "duped" some item. I don't even know how to dupe anything! I hate even cheating in singleplayer mode. I tried to talk to Lautlmao or whatever his name was and he just seemed to say, "Yeah I'm sorry, I can try to unban you."
Whew... what a bad red flag. The staff walk on thin ice and I can't imagine the behavior they have to deal with behind the scenes.

Anyways. I decided to review this place because a lot of us in chat got reminded of this hot trash when a flood of people joined saying they just got banned from here, and a lot of us unfortunately had a run in with Swag in the past. Looks like Aurora beat me here. ;)

You don't have to try to get banned here. You will inevitably, for any reason. It's obvious.

Play literally anywhere else.
Posted 9th Jun 2019
All of the donation money goes to Swagella's drug abuse. The 40 year old something man has a severe mental condition that he talked about in the chat and gets extremely toxic and inappropriate and WILL take out his anger on you aggressively in the form of a ban or screaming.

I used to play here and never left a review until the server I was in started talking about FTBRevelation and how the new guy just got banned after 10 solid months of playing without any reason as to why. Then about 5 other people chimed in saying "Oh you got banned by Swag too?"

You cannot say this server is "not for those with thin skin or idiots". The people who run this place have problems, they do not care about you, and they are obviously just trying to make money for their illegal or toxic habits. Why do you think this went from 1.7 rating to a 3.0 in one day? Because they registered a ton of emails and blasted their own server with 5 star reviews, because they were afraid.

Moral of the story, this place needs to be avoided, unless of course, you're looking to join for another reason besides polite fun.
Posted 9th Jun 2019
I used to love this server. Staff seemed like hard asses but the people who were fucking up got the boot and that was that. Tried to keep my head down and avoid staff for the most part, just do my thing, talk to players, help them out and generally just be a model player. Kept lagging things down, reported exploitable items, asked neighbors before making mega-structures, the works. I even donated to keep the lights on.

None of it mattered. I was banned for the first time without a word, had to contact a moderator who barely knew why and eventually spoke with the owner for awhile and got me unbanned. I had apparently been sold an item that wasn't supposed to be in the server, a creative item. It was a misunderstanding, it got sorted, but the banning staff member never spoke to me or even listed a reason as to why I was banned in the spot allotted. Just "The Banhammer has spoken." This staff member was the owner, Swagella. Shybella. Whatever.

So whatever, a misunderstanding that got sorted and I was unbanned, no big deal.

Few months later after a wipe, I come back and am doing my thing, building. Again, shadowbanned with no reason, I can only assume it was Swagella again. Go to talk to them directly, asking why I was banned. Response? "I think your shit and total loser". The response was so half assed I thought it was a joke and responded with a meme "Oh. Big sad". I expected to be unbanned or a conversation ensue.

I was banned from the discord, removing any ability to have said conversation.

Bewildered, I made a ban appeal explaining in the section "Why were you punished" that I have no god damn idea why I've been banned and can only put the name of who I thought did it, Swagella.

The first reply is from a moderator accusing me of sending dick pics to someone I've never heard of and demanding a full page apology to be unbanned. Learning from just a few moments ago, I wanted to treat this like a joke because of how absolutely absurd such an accusation was, but didn't and responded formally.

Rather than acknowledge the fact I'm telling this blundering fool I not only don't know the name of the person accusing me but haven't sent anything of the sort, he continues to push me to apologize. Message after message.

Obviously, I'm not getting unbanned. I expect this appeal to fade into the aether or be refused without a significant reason as well. The owner of this server is an immature child who surrounds himself with equally moronic and childish staff. While many good ones do slip in and often have arm's length relationships with Swagella, it's not enough and one disagreement can result in a swift demotion as my former friend found out. Their professionalism is a facade and I assure you, while the server may be fun to play on, Swagella will make sure you won't be around for long.

Do not join this server.
Do not attempt to donate.
Do not attempt to have fun.
Do not attempt to surround yourself with a community.
Do not read the three abstract rules.
You will be banned without reason.
You won't even be told why if there is one.
Posted 9th Jun 2019
I like the friendly staff (majority), and the people on the discord are a lot of fun to chat with while playing. The owner is fast at fixing any problems that you find and communicates with the Mod authors to get problems patched and even new ideas. Always looking at ways to reduce any lag and make player experience even better. Majority of the negative reviews are from people who have done things to get themselves banned and would probably get themselves banned on other servers also, the owner is pretty easy going and you really have to try hard to get banned. Overall, 10/10 would play again.
Posted 9th Jun 2019
Everyone here reading this needs to know [THIS SERVER IS NOT SAFE]. You will get banned for doing NOTHING. Dead ******* serious. You can donate, you can not say a SINGLE WORD to anyone there, you can be minding your own business and suddenly -- oh noes!! Somehow one of the machines in your chunk is glitchy and it is YOUR ********* FAULT that the creator designed it the way it did and it glitched out. Like somehow you purposely did it???

Swagella brags about going to the mods and asking for advice on fixing some of the packs and how they never spoke to him so it's out of his hands. Then BANS his friendly players out of NO WHERE when it happens, when he spoke so much about understanding???

I HATE this server. I should of read the reviews. I never spoke to anyone and I just woke up and saw I was banned. I just wanted to have fun!
Posted 9th Jun 2019
Your experience depends on what the mood is of the admins are pissed then rip your experience. If you want to be involved in the community then you are in for a treat. Everything is up to the whims of some dude who is always upset about one thing or another. The only way to enjoy the server is to keep your head down and not talk to the admins at all. For example, if you are encountering a duping glitch, just hope it doesn't happen again and you won't be the one who has to tell them. Overall, its not the server I am upset about its the leadership and community.
Posted 7th Jun 2019
Hey peeps Direwolf20 here... Just kidding.
Been enjoying this server for a month of so. Donated, sit around with the community in discord. Decent people, server is fun, not had any issues with admins, but then again I build reasonably. (read I don't need 400 pulverizers)

Working on a massive tree build from planetminecraft, lot of people on the server have chipped in to help me. Economy and shops are fun, owner does work hard to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the server.

Now Time to plug my shop: I am building a massive world tree and close to it will be a walmart of massive proportions Come play Revelations, compete in the econ, learn fun mods, jump in discord if you are an adult and come have some fun.

Crybabies and thin-skins should not waste their time here. If you want to build a base with 2000 machines then go find a different server. But if you are a reasonable person and enjoy people who don't care about political correctness this sever will be a breath of fresh air in a sea of SJW BS
Posted 7th Jun 2019
Joined this server with several (read: four) of my friends, mid-day on June 2nd. By mid-day June 5th, all of us were banned. None of us were told why we were banned or who banned us, except for a reason that was only sent to one person: Treason and sabotage.

Here's why these bans are some BS, and I know others have been banned for no reason (just read more of the comments below):
We did not commit any sabotage or treason. Treason is defined as betraying one's country, especially by attempting to [...] overthrow the government. We have not attempted to start a coup, or get staff members in trouble, or obtain staff ourselves through legitimate or illegitimate means. If treason means betraying someone, then playing on multiple servers would be treason. And that would mean that everyone who plays on Mineplex AND Hypixel is guilty of treason. That means that because we went onto their Direwolf server then jumped to their Revelations server, we committed treason... against no one. The servers are run by the same people. If I move from my current state to California, I am not committing treason against the United States by moving somewhere, so the treason part does not hold up.
Sabotage is defined as deliberately destroying, damaging, or obstructing (something), especially for political or military advantage. The only things we destroyed were the blocks we mined in order to get to the base that we had before the bans. The only things we damaged were the mobs we had to hit in self-defense or to make Woot farms. And the only thing we obstructed was the river right by our base, since our buildings and claim extended into it, but the river was rebuilt to go around what we had made. Don't forget, two of our five members had bought ranks off of the donation store. By adding $10 to their coffers and 5 members to their player count, we were only helping the server grow stronger, not tearing it down. So sabotage does not apply either.
There's something that one of our members said that staff may have thought and, if it's true, really worries me about anyone who ever wishes to play on a server under the staff here. Paraphrased, he said: "We got money from two of them and none of the others. Let's make room for other fish." If this is true, then this server is purely money-oriented and not player-oriented. Granted, while we were on the server it was wonderful. Majority of the player base was friendly and helpful, as we tried to be, and the staff was helpful as well. The spawn and shops looked great, and the only lag I encountered was on my own end, since my internet isn't the best and I timed out a lot. But there are several people who were on while we were who had bought the Onyx rank, which costs $100. What it entails, I have no idea, but I would warn whoever has that rank to watch out, because you mean nothing except a spent C-note to the owner.
Because the bans extend between both Minecraft and Discord, there's no way of confirming that all of us were banned for the same reason or speaking with anyone online to make sure that it wasn't a mistake. Without Minecraft or Discord, there's still the server's Enjin page, right? Wrong. There are no forums on the Enjin website. This means no talking with other players at all. No way of getting your voice heard. And no way of contacting the mods or owner about why you were banned. The forums have been gone for more than a year and a half, with them being near-non-existent for almost two. This review page is the only place where one can freely talk about anything on the server post-ban, but even this is suspect, with 12 five-star reviews on April 7th out of the blue. It's unfortunate that we've all been banned, sure, but every poor review exposes more and more of what looks to be a happy modpack server with rainbow trees, super intricate chisels&bits builds, and 200+ mods to explore as a server with rainbow trees, super intricate chisels&bits builds, and 200+ mods, with an omnipotent being who rains fire upon innocent plebeians for fun.

TL;DR: Play if you want, but expect to get banned if you don't pay up. Or if you don't do anything wrong at all.

Oh, and Swagella: We talked in a call together. You seem old enough to know right from wrong. If you know of or have a legitimate explanation for why we were all banned, please let me know at XclamationPoint#7445. You'll have to add me as a friend first, since we no longer share a Discord.

Thank you for reading.
Posted 5th Jun 2019
Nova_Enginetics, Smerecz, XclamatiopnPoint, and Franz all were playing this for a good week and a half. I got bronze rank and then a few of us other ones put maybe a dollar into it, This was just to find out one random day that one of are members of our group got kicked and then all of us got banned right after. I further more tried to contact the owner just to have no one reply. We knew what the rules and expectations were, we followed them to a Q. Are base was very well designed and everything was very balanced out and cleaned up to what best we were able to do with the minerals we had. This was a fun time playing off of my project but this ended really poorly. I don't believe the administrative side of this network is up to par with things. The sad part was a few of us put a few dollars into it just to get banned. That is very sad.
Posted 5th Jun 2019
Worst server ever i donated did nothing wrong and was banned for no reason no warning no explanation of the issue,. You are not safe on this site don't waste your time or money
Posted 5th Jun 2019
Swagella's server is not safe to play on. You will be banned unreasonably without warning and without mercy. Take a look at the reviews on this server. The rating sat at a solid 1.8 stars until suddenly April 7th they received a massive flood of 5 star reviews. Suspicious? Reportable? Yes.

Do not join here. It doesn't take a genius to understand they are only here to take your money and kick out anyone that causes ANY trouble, even accidents or things the mods do outside your control. Every review before April 7th are people speaking of their horrible experience and asking why they got banned. Unsurprisingly, so are the recent ones.
Posted 3rd Jun 2019
Terrible admin, spent days building only to log on say I'm banned but don't know why.
Posted 19th May 2019
I think I was banned? I came back from work today and the discord server was gone, and I can't rejoin. There's no way for me to really see why outside of discord...?

Bit confused, I think it may have been a mistake but I can't even contact anyone to check.
Posted 4th May 2019
People are friendly, always willing to help, the ingame economy is fun, but doesnt majorly hinder your gameplay experience. Generally lag is always my own computer, and the server almost never lags.
Posted 7th Apr 2019
It's a chill server, decently busy with friendly and helpful admins and players, what's not to like? Definitely recommend this server to others, it's got a range of great plugins, few restrictive rules, and a burgeoning community. I've only played for a couple days so far, but I intend to stay here for a long time!
Posted 7th Apr 2019
Admins and staff helpful. No lag. Support is available most of the day if you need it. Player base is pretty good.
Posted 7th Apr 2019