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#1 FTBRevelation - Survival PvE Server - NEW MAP



Spawn with portals and free public lava!
Player Shops!

Player Shops!

Create a business by opening a player shop!
Mining World!

Mining World!

x3 Ore rate mining world!

24/7 Survival PvE FTBRevelation 1.12.2 Server


  • Join and Play! No sign-up.
  • Keepinventory is enabled. You will not lose your items in the overworld!
  • Player Shops (Sells your plots or buy plots on the market)
  • x3 ore rate mining world
  • Veinminer - Break ore veins with 1 break
  • ChopTree/Timbermod/Treedestroyage - Break a whole tree in one punch
  • Autosell cobble/dirt/gravel for shekels automatically
  • Jobs (Miner, digger and more)
  • Loan shekels from the server!
  • Griefprevention + Towns
  • Taxes Plugin (Town Tax, Shop Tax, Claim Tax)
  • Public lava/charge stations
  • Lottery! (Buy lotto tickets)
  • Auction System! Sell your items via auctions!
  • Make clans and show off your clan name as your prefix!
  • Not a hub server.


  • /back
  • /sethome
  • /home
  • /rtp (random teleport)
  • /tpa (teleport to a friend)
  • /loan
  • /buyclaimblocks
  • /vm on & off
  • /marry
  • /auction
  • and much more!

Download the launcher here:
Modpack: FTBRevelation 1.12.2
Modpack Version: 2.7.0 (Latest)

If you have problems connecting or updating your client, join discord,

Been playing on the server a couple of weeks. I find that the staff are very helpful, and friendly to the players on the servers. I've seen no issues as described by others before me. Perhaps the Admins have removed all the bad apples. Server performance/lag is great, considering the numbers (20+) of players on the server at one time.
Posted 10th Feb 2019
This server is toxic and unfair, and I left after about a few weeks of playing because of the drama revolving the recent bans. This the by the far the WORST server I've come across....

Swagella and admins: You should be ashamed for keeping the griefing douchebags and banning the good players. Says a lot about who you people are.
Posted 4th Feb 2019
Hey, today Calzono and Maddimoonlight got banned for no acceptable reason and it's already well known that Swagella, the server owner, is unfit to be in the role he is. He will continue his behavior and hurt people carelessly, seeing as he's already admitted he doesn't care in his own voice chat on discord.

I will miss you guys, but we can do better than this place, and so can you.

I can't reach anyone on the server but I would love to stay in touch and even play on the new server we're involved in. Care#8137 is my discord.

Stay safe, and newbies, don't bother starting on this server. It's not worth it.
Posted 4th Feb 2019
Ever since fortnight came out, the general Minecraft community has gotten a lot better (since all the folks who love to be toxic have moved on to fortnight) sadly, this server has not moved on with the rest of the community. The admin on this server is incredibly immature and will ban anyone for any reason that amuses him. Play on here if you wish, but I highly advise against donating any money, as you can be banned at any moment for any reason.
Posted 3rd Feb 2019
TLDR: Avoid this server unless you don't mind the added thrill of being banned/threatened at any time for no reason.

I started playing here about a month ago, along with my girlfriend. The server is decently lag free, but there were many times that the lag made it unplayable. We later found out that this was due to some people using cursed earth to an extreme amount, however we were concerned about the lag issues and wanted to see if there were any answers as to why. This was the first time we encountered the server owner Swagella.

Swagella flat out said all servers are laggy and basically brushed off all our concerns, and was rather rude about it. My girlfriend had contacted him via discord about it and he was demanding to know her in game name as it was different from her discord name. This was a major red flag to me. I figured he would ban us at that point if he knew who we were, so we just ended the conversation and played and tried to mind our own business. Keep in mind, this is all the first or second day we played on this server.

We spent a lot of time playing over the past month, and we progressed quite far with a few of the tech packs, as well as a few of the bee mod packs as well including careerbees. My girlfriend mainly does creative building and also delved into some of the magic based mods like Botania and Thaumcraft as well. Our progress usually doesn't overlap very much as we just like doing different things.

As I progressed through career bees, I encountered a bee that could really be used to grief. Thief bees. I immediately told one of the admins about it and tried to help it get banned. Swagella basically said he doesn't want to figure out how to ban a specific bee and the mod creator didn't create a config file to do anything about it, so I was instructed to just not use the bee. This was not an issue to me because I already brought it to their attention in order to deal with it. I don't like being griefed either, so I try to stop any methods that allow it. He said he can't/doesn't want to, and that's fine by me.

I had hoped to have a better relationship with the admins at this point because I want to help develop the server into a place where lots of people play and everyone has a good time. Unfortunately, a couple days later, my girlfriend had an incident with thaumcraft. The server encourages you to idle on there, even though they have random AFK kicks, they rarely happen throughout the day. This led us to idle whenever we weren't directly playing.

Thaumcraft has this stuff called warp. My girlfriend already had maxed out her permanent warp and was pretty much resigned to having mobs and other events spawning around her. Looking into this, turns out you can't get rid of it through any in game means other than admin commands. No biggie, just gotta deal with a few mobs spawning here and there right? Well, some thaumic goo spawned from what I assume was her warp level. Normally this spawns a couple thaumic slime and is not really a big deal, I still don't even know if it's specifically warp that caused it honestly. That one pile of thaumic goo ended up spawning thousands of slimes for some reason no one can explain to me. I spent a good amount of time researching it and couldn't find another incident either.

Admins basically came around as soon as we saw it happened and immediately demanded we destroy all our spawners(of which we have none) as well as threaten that if we ever use spawners again we will be permanently banned. I tried to explain that it wasn't spawners but the admins didn't really seem to care. It was only the day after that one of them even thought to apologize to me for basically flying off the handle with threats. Maybe this is how most minecraft servers operate, I don't really know. I've never been screamed at by an admin before.

We already knew that we couldn't get rid of the permanent warp so we asked one of the admins to help do something about it because we do not want to cause the server lag, even if the thaumic slimes were just a fluke occurance. Swagella told us again that it's on our shoulders if something happens because there are ways to remove the warp. He linked us a few minecraft wiki passages that he failed to bother reading himself I'm assuming because it clearly says you can't get rid of permanent warp. We tried to explain again that we've done everything on this wiki to remove it(sanity soap, bath salts, arcane spa, etc.) He eventually just said he was banning that aspect of thaumcraft from the server completely. Sucks, but another mod where you can't specifically configure that it's understandable that he had this reaction.

After all this we kind of just went about our business for the next few days to a week. Kingdom Hearts 3 released so we barely played at all other than a few minor tasks and idling. The final incident just happened an hour or go before typing this. I was doing some minor things in game, setting up a way to auto craft enchanted books for the Woot mod. Some of the machines I was using were going kind of slow so one of the careerbees I had bred two weeks ago seemed like it would be useful here. I went and got one Temporal Bee and put it near these machines. Temporal bees speed up ticks in their immediate area, I had been using them for about two weeks almost non stop in another area of my base. They were producing honeycombs and other bee products.

About 30 minutes after I put it down Swagella says "cut it out with the careerbees" I immediately removed this most recent bee from the alveary I had placed in it and asked on the server if something had started lagging recently because of it. I was then banned. No explanation what so ever. I managed to contact a friend on the server and Swagella said he had warned us repeatedly that our base was too laggy. This never occurred. I even asked if it was bad one day when I was speaking to him directly, as he was upgrading the server to 2.7. The area of my base was never laggy to me at any point, so I have no frame of reference other than the server owners letting me know. On top of this, we were even donators to the server.

I have no problem complying with server rules, to any extent. If they become a problem for me, I will just leave. People spend their own time and money making these servers work and I understand that fully. When I read the reviews for this server I assumed people were blowing things out of proportion, but clearly I was wrong in that assumption. If someone wants to run a server this way, so be it, it is their choice. I'm not even really upset by being banned, I don't usually even bother making reviews for things like this either. Owners who are disrespectful are nothing new in this space. I just feel it's important that others see what they're getting into if on the off chance they read about the server here. I personally think the server was pretty good all in all, but absolutely not worth playing on purely because of the owners.
Posted 3rd Feb 2019
Owner is a lazy embarrassing piece of shit that will ban you if you cause ANY SORT of trouble, like playing the fucking mod as it was intended. Horrible staff, horrible server, DO NOT PLAY HERE. Banning the guy that fucking helped more than any admin ever did, won't ban the guy that spawns in creative items but bans the guy that just wants to have fun, jesus fucking christ.

FUCK this server.
Posted 3rd Feb 2019
Just saw two people get banned without warning..... one was my friend and a big shop owner.... they had been around for a long time and were nice. its not fair. :( Im gonna find another server because this server isnt okay..... really sucks that the owner and mods dont care at all....
Posted 3rd Feb 2019
donated money to server, played for a month, server owner got mad about bees and banned me without giving any chance to stop whatever he thought was wrong, lol. i feel horrible for the mods that have to deal with him.

don't waste your time or money here when there are other servers that treat you with respect, seeing as you can get banned for literally anything on this one, apparently.
Posted 3rd Feb 2019
friendly peeps, shop option and currency for those who like the progress over the grind
Posted 14th Jan 2019
Been playing on Shybella's servers for a few years now. They are the best. Always a good server population, the banned items are never too restrictive. There are alot of fun mechanics like the lottery, and player shops. As to the people who have gotten banned. Shybella has the right to ban whoever he wants. It's his server. Does that mean you're going to get banned by asking questions in chat? No. Does it mean you have to worry about base inspections in order to stay on the server? No. These people who got banned deserved it. They were probably warned about things and complained about it. I've ran a few servers and it irks me more than anything when I have to tell people to behave and you get just a indifferent response. Quickest way to get banned from any server: be annoying.
Posted 11th Jan 2019
Banhammer wielding owner. Play at risk of losing all that precious time making stuff. If there's a problem it's your fault, not the server's.

Run. Don't look back.
Posted 2nd Jan 2019
Could not be more happy with this server. Everything works as intended with new features in development, minimal or nonexistent lag, a conscious effort to keep lag down and even information as to what mods are preferred to keep things smooth.

Donations don't hold you by the balls, letting you actually set a couple /homes and /back without dishing out big bucks for ease of use. They're one time payments, not monthly, so if you go hard with your dono you can rely on having those perks until the end times.

Staff are friendly and informative but don't walk on eggshells. You can expect to be treated like an adult, which means told you're an idiot when you're an idiot, but also an explanation to prevent being such in the future without significant punishment. I've even been instructed not to leave a positive review because the owner genuinely does not care what people's opinion is. The server speaks for itself.

As of the time of writing, this is the most enjoyable server I've played on in my 10 years of being on Minecraft and I would highly recommend being part of the community if the offered modpacks suit you.
Posted 2nd Jan 2019
Although I agree with some of the things from last review, here's some in depth insight. Although the owner/admin sure is "dedicated to the community he built", his mind set needs to be changed. Just because someone's base is ugly and used items that were causing lag, don't justify a ban. They even followed the admin's directions for crying out loud. Just from that, I'm seeing the owner wants to run a dictatorship where everyone has to comply. Maybe instead blame the cause on the players and make them do the change, how about ban those items that were causing lags from the beginning. Going back to the "Whatever a player chooses, there is something for everyone" from the last review, i'm starting to question that. I don't want to spend three weeks of my time, like one of the review said, and gets banned for basically exploring too much of the mod pack. I'm going to lay off from the server now, and find another server that has hopefully a better administrative, and I suggest you do the same.
Posted 28th Dec 2018
Ignore the last 4 reviews. They're by the same few people who got banned for good reason. Here's an honest review, from me: So I've been on Shybella's FtB servers since he had the FTB Unleashed server up and at its peak. I used to be on other servers before that, and was staff on one for a while. Many server owners say they are dedicated to what they do, but then turn around and ban you for being the only girl on staff [true story from why I was kicked off staff in a previous server]. Shybella runs a server that has an active discord for not just communicating while playing the game, but also to make friends and enjoy being in the company of others. The staff members are active and many people who are on the server stick around through thick and thin. This server is a community and sure, we get some bad apples, who doesn't? But any problems with players or server issues or anything else in between, Shybella gets it done and fixed and when I say he is dedicated to the community he built, he truly is dedicated to every aspect. Many players do autocrafting and complex machines and some do thaumcraft and some make gardens in unique biomes. Whatever a player chooses, there is something for everyone.
Posted 28th Dec 2018
I got banned because of crafting multiple mod items and machines in the base. Our "kind and friendly" server owner banned me without any explicit reason. Spending time on this server is not necessary. You will not understand when you receive banhammer.

IGN: Midnight_Requiem
Screenshoot: ban appeal respond

My base is ugly??? Then I get banned?
Posted 28th Dec 2018
This servers is so stupid. He ban someone for no reason. I suggest them to upgrade the servers and they ban me for this. Don't try to play this server, admin will take all your stuff away. If you donated he will suck you dick but if you don't donated he will eat you ass. I'm sorry I feel horrible about this server. Don't play this Server !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 28th Dec 2018
Horrible staff. My friends and I played for about three weeks and suddenly found a lot of stuff missing from our base. I then got contacted from one of the admins saying that it was causing lag, so they removed it. I understood that causing lag for everyone was not the best idea. So, we followed the admin's direction to replaced all the items that was causing lag. However, after a few hours they banned my whole clan anyways despite we followed every directions they gave. They also banned us from discord and any ways to contact. Not only that, the owner and admins were very childish and rude to me and my clan members. Would not recommend spend any time on the server, and if you are on the server please reconsider to relocate, a huge waste of time and you might get banned.
Posted 28th Dec 2018
The Server was fun for a few days. Then the owner requested about Spawn rates, a clan mate attempted to assist with said issue, and directed to the configuration location. Said clan mate then got banned, as well as the rest of our clan got banned despite not even being online during the conversation.

Horrible Server and Staff.
Posted 26th Dec 2018
Great server!
No lag, runs smooth, large map, custom plugins, awesome community and staff!
I recommend coming to play!
Posted 20th Dec 2018