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Join us as you experience FTB Direwolf in a new hostile PvP environment. Players will have to stay on their toes and explore a new dimension to modded minecraft. Delve deep into mods like Witchery, and Blood magic and truly feel like a scholar of the dark arts as you enact your new work to cripple your enemies or build marvelous contraptions with tech mods such as IC2, and EnderIO and use your technical knowledge to overpower anyone that chooses to be against you.

Not all of our server is hostile; Are you a player that just wants to chill out, make friends and just play the pack. Enjoy a rich server experience with plugins like Towny to protect all your belongings and to give you a break from the combat.
Or setup a shop and be a successful merchant with the use of Areashop and Quickshop.
And enhance your time spent on our server with Essentials and many more custom plugins allowing us to give players a proper modded playthrough.

If not all is up to your liking, why not speak to our staff. We have admins available and willing to talk and we will always accept feedback from the playerbase.

For more information visit our Website:

We have an official Discord channel, this can be accessed ingame or through our website.

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