This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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BananaTech is a minecraft server which is free for anyone to join, it is owned by MitchBourke and is run and supervised by various other staff. Our plan is to have a good playerbase where people can come and play casually. We want to do our best to keep the server up and hope people enjoy their time on the server.

The Staff

The staff are there to keep the server running and try to keep conflict at a minimum to make sure the players have a better experience on the server. They are a group of friends which have known each other prior to the server starting. They will do their very best to help the players and the server to the best of their abilities.

How To Join Us

If you would like to be apart of our community, all you simply need to do is join the server. It is a FTB server using the Ultimate mod pack and our IP is There is no registering involved so all you need to do is login and start from there.

How You Can Help Us

To help us as a server, all you need to do is play, there is noting more that we love than an active player base. We do accept donations and are very grateful for them, however we will never push any players into donating.
We currently are not looking for any more members of staff but if the opportunity does arise we will be sure to let you know

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