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SovereigntyCraft [TPPI] [Player Government]


Pack Code: MegaSharkPunch (Hopefully worth the download)

The objective of SovereigntyCraft is to create an environment where players don’t have to follow certain rules set by server owners in a modded environment. The only rules are no hacking, and no inappropriate/malicious links. Other than that there are no rules. However, SovereigntyCraft hopefully won’t be a lawless anarchy. Players are encouraged to form governments, build cities, build roads and other infrastructure, form relations with other nations, etc. I am personally imagining a developed landscape much like the real world with roads, businesses, houses, and much more sprawling through the Minecraft landscape. Since there are no rules it’s hard to tell what the server exactly will turn out to be, but that is part of the server design.

The Modpack is TPPI, which can be found at ignore. The custom pack code is MegaSharkPunch. See if you nee help.

TL;DR SovereigntyCraft is a modded server with little rules where players are encouraged to create governments, cities, businesses, roads, and have relations with other entities within the server.

Please Read if you have questions. This is a custom feed the beast pack; you will need to install it.

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