This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Node1 Infinity Evolved



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Hello, My name is Daniel i am hosting a Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Server! The server is online 24/7 Hosted in a Datacenter! Both our New York and Miami locations have 1Gbps Connection! We've chosen our hardware specifically to run our services well and our hardware selection over time to get a good balance of stability and performance. We have put a large amount of effort into selecting providers in order to provide you with a great connection while also allowing us to filter most of the attacks we see today.

Dedi #1
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-3770

Ram: 16GB DDR3

SSD: 1x500GB

Port Speed: 1Gbps Dedicated Port

Location: New York City Metro

Dedi #2
CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1231 v3

Ram: 8GB DDR3

SSD: 1x1000GB

Port Speed: 1Gbps Dedicated Port

Location: Miami

Infinity Server: Expert (E3-1231 / 8GB)

Infinity Server: Normal (i7-3770 / 16GB)

Teamspeak 3 Server:

How To Apply?


  • Ignorance is no excuse!
  • Be respectful and use common sense
  • Speak English in the global chat
  • No spamming, swearing, advertising and no racial or sexual slurs
  • No griefing and stealing in any form, even if it is unprotected
  • No custom modifications or hacks
  • Report Bugs, exploits, glitches and don't use them

Application: You must PM this to me! Don't post the application as a review

In game name:
Why do you want to join?:
Do you agree and comply with the Rules and Conditions?
What type of mods do you like to play?
What Server are you Applying for? Expert Infinity?

I would like to join your server name is gradyrus
Posted 2nd Aug 2016