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Nextgen Minecraft Reborn
Nextgen Minecraft is a server started on January 2011. It was active all the way till February 2012, after being screwed over by several companies we had no choice but take the server down... Now, we're back with the old staff and some of the player base, unfortunately since we never got our files back from the companies that screwed us up, we haven't had a chance to return the old map from Nextgen or any of the files at all, so we're instead running a brand new map.

Since many servers don't give you a lot for voting, we've implemented our own system that grants you a vote point for each vote you make. The votes are listed on our website located here.

For every vote you get 1 vote point, which you can spend in our webstore.

Our towns are created with WorldGuard instead of using any of those Towny or Residence plugins, we prefer it the old way.
They can be created only by those who have donated for either then a Gold or Diamond rank. The size limit for a town is 200x200 for Gold members and 400x400 for Diamond members. Since the donator ranks expire, you will keep your down despite of the expiration. The only negative thing about it is that no more players are allowed to move into your town after expiration.

The towns have plots which can be purchased with a single right click. The town owner places a sign on a plot and gives it a price after which right clicking will purchase it. There's also an option for a town owner to rent plots instead of selling them. In these cases the signs have a text "For rent" instead of "For sale".

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