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Insane Hardcore


Hello everyone. Are you tired of dealing with Admins on servers who HUGE Internet egos? How about the immature person who keeps nagging you to give them free stuff? Do you enjoy playing a game that when you look at a monster it just dies or do you want to run for your life until you have a chance? Does the server you play on resemble Care-A-Lot? Do you want beaten over your skull every chance you get while you try and survive?

Answer the above whoever you wish. The bottom line is that 99% of servers out there are softcore gaming. Remember when the game was REALLY over in Super Mario 1? No infinite continues... OR any other older game that was actually challenging. Minecraft is no longer challenging...well, most server are just shy of making it gamemode 1 for all. How about the donator perks? ten bucks and richy rich gets 10 high voltage solar panels. WTF!!! So now the silver spoon punk gets to play games with crap being handed to him!! You get FTB for free here!

Well, not here. No donator perks! No freebies!! No Homes!! (Use a fraking bed!) No daycare for children of bad parenting!! Every other server is easy to play on, if you expect homes then don't bother wasting our time joining. We also arent going to pretty the place up with a website or world edited in spawn. You spawn into the world at a random spot. When you die you are spawned randomly as well. All mobs have had HPs doubled, along with attack. There are random enchanted (broken) drops from all mobs. Magic spell books are dropped from basic minecrafting. Boss spawns around the world as well. Any BS immaturity will not be tolerated! This is a PVP server. You will be griefed! You will be killed! We will laugh at you if you complain; then you will be banned.

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