This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Zelda's Whitelisted Server 10 slots

Banned Items

No grefing!
No Pvp!
No Stealing (Even if looks abandoned could just be someone still building):
No disobeying admins!
If caught with nuke kick if caught with someones house kissing in nuke place Ban 4 a Day
Don't build to close to other ppls houses not enlese friend's

No plugins sadly :( But use the waypoints 4 it

WhiteList Application:

Minecraft Username:
Why do you want 2 join:
What will you do here?:
Will you be nice, and help other's???:
Will you follow the rules excaly:
Will you use or make nuke's?:
Will you obey admins???:
How old are you and how mature will you act?:
You can curse but only slightly (Mean's no f-Bomb's):

That's all! Hope i see u there!

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