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Modded Minecraft Club

Modded Minecraft Club


Modded Minecraft Club is a small DW20 1.10 server with no banned items, no lag, and no hyperbole. The server IP is and our forums are at


Modded Minecraft Club is a small friendly server and community with a 64-slot Direwolf20 1.10 server. There is no griefing whatsoever and if you are griefed, provided you do your due diligence with claims, we refund all lost items and help rebuild as much or as little as you want. The IP is

Questions or concerns? Post them on our forums:!


The server rules are listed below for your convenience, however, as the server is posted in many lists the rules here may not be up to date. You may read the authoritative and up-to-date rules on our website or in-game via /rules.

  1. No griefing whatsoever, even in unclaimed areas.

  2. Claim all builds

  3. Do not claim any land unless you intend to build in it. Do not simply claim land features because they look nice.

  4. Pumping lava from the nether is not allowed because flowing liquid blocks are liable to lag the server. Please use a white-white-white ender tank to access unlimited public lava instead.

  5. Failure to claim a build will prevent you from obtaining a refund of any items lost if it is griefed. You are guaranteed a refund of lost items if a claimed build is griefed due to a bug in the server.

  6. No utilizing exploits in the modpack and/or server
    Report any and all exploits via an email to you find as soon as you are able to do so

  7. No spawn-killing

  8. No spamming, in chat or otherwise

  9. No racism, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of bigotry. This will result in an immediate permanent ban

  10. No profanity above PG-13 level

  11. Always be respectful to all other players and staff members

  12. The use of alternative accounts to evade punishments is prohibited

  13. Only English is to be spoken in the server chat. This is to ensure that our moderators are able to monitor what is being talked about -- we do not want inappropriate things being discussed. We are open to taking on new bilingual (or more) staff members to allow more languages to be spoken in server chat.

  14. Do not pester staff members for free items, ranks, or anything of that nature (except for the member rank).

  15. To become a member, establish yourself in the world and then talk to a staff member (see the thread on our forums for more information)

Banned Items

We have no banned items presently because GriefPrevention, in our tests, successfully protected claims, and we will refund lost items because we believe most people are good.

Extra Notes:

The server has 100%/24-7 uptime, although, there are occasional restarts to clear out the ram and to make modifications. Restarts will be announced in chat.
The server runs on a dedicated server with an Intel i7 4790K with 16GBs of ram total and 14GBs dedicated to the server. This is more than many other servers have, and it demonstrates our commitment to 20 tps

Our server has no lag. Many servers make outlandish claims about their complete lack of lag, and many don’t have any lag at that moment. What they lack is a future commitment to quickly and effectively solve any and all lag problems that may arise. This is what you get with Modded Minecraft Club -- no lag now and in the future.

To those who may be concerned about the lack of a whitelist: do not be. Our philosophy is to ban the meanies rather than only let in the goodies. This because no screening process is perfect and whitelists serve to create an unnecessary hassle for legitimate players. We have an active staff team who will quickly remove any troublemakers from the game. So far, this has worked very well for us and we encourage you to try our server as well! Furthermore, if a meanie does get in, we have strong anti-grief and block logging plugins in place to prevent any damage and to allow roll backs should those preventions fail. This is in addition to automated daily backups.

You can view a list of reviews at our website.

Thank you for reading this post! Join us at today!

This server really delivers a true lag-free experience, which I searched for an hour and a half. I am pretty lucky, that I've found this server. The admins are really active and helpful.
Posted 27th Nov 2016