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[Dedicated]|Direwolf20|[50 Slot]|{No Whitelist!} N


I really have to say, I hate that whitelist shit. Waste of FTB players time signing something with there reasons they want to play a game they bought.

This is a dedicated server running 2gigs of ram and 50 slots. No dediboxes or a home computer, bought this shit to have fun!

Theres only a fue rules:
Don't be a prick, Killing people for no reason is not cool. If some guys calling you out, be like bitch ass ill kick your noob ass do you even lift, don't pick on the ones having fun or pvp will be turned off.

Don't grief. This is FTB people put way to much effort into there projects to be wrecked by some d-bag.

You will not receive any items or mod.. No use in asking, answers no.

Really cant think of a bunch of rules... Use common sense and have fun.

There is
/warp [player] (Pretty much tpa)
/setregion (used to protect your area)
/lock (lock your stuff up!)
and a fue more odd ones.


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