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Doghouse FTB

Doghouse FTB


We're a friendly community of streamers and gamers who enjoy playing together! This server is a PvP Nations server running FTB Ultimate Reloaded. We have an economy system as well.

We do have the serverside plugin called "Nations" so you're able to claim and protect your clan, it's similar to how Towny works!

We don't allow Griefing but we do allow PvP / base raiding.

This is a new server, so we're still getting some stuff set up. We don't plan on having "donor" ranks, only ranks based on playtime / community standing. We're open to any and all suggestions for additional mods and plugins!

When you join, if you were invited by a specific player, make sure you give them the referral reward by using the command "/referrals thank <userName>"!

Join our discord to stay in touch at:

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